Saturday, August 22, 2009

Because inside this English student lies a repressed interior designer who can only afford to shop at Ikea (not that she's complaining)...

I am returning to school this fall to finish my degree. It was originally interior design, but I decided it would be fun to set myself back a bit further in the credits department and change my major to English. With the onset of classes approaching (all online this semester, thankfully...I loaded up on any credits for my degree that were offered online first while Tyler finishes up his masters), I have the following two goals in mind:

1. Keep Tyler, Lily, London and any additional subsequent children priority #1.
2. Ignore the feelings of embarrassment and/or shame when I converse with fellow university classmates who were still in the sixth grade when I originally began this journey through college. I am proud of the order in which I do things.

I will primarily wake up early to get my work done, but realize that there will be plenty of times I will need to work on the computer during the day as well, despite my efforts and loss of shut-eye. My girls follow me like lost puppies all day: so sweet that they love and obviously are meant to be with their momma, and so annoying when it comes to accomplishing anything around the house that requires 1) quiet, 2) organization, 3) no distractions. Just getting the banking done via the internet results in torn shreds of paper all over the office accompanied by screaming (either from myself or from the girls, but there is always screaming).

And that's only the first hurdle. The second being the fact that my office is a miserable mess of must. A dark and dismal, depressing disarray. (Oh I'm going to make a lovely English student...did you love the plethora of adjectives I just unleashed? Rarrrr. Nevermind the faulty grammar/punctuation).

I can't spend quantities of time in spaces that make me gag.

My kids need a space in the office where they can play, create, and most of all: leave me alone while I work at my own desk.

I craigslisted my current furniture and reached for my interior design skills with a prayer to the gods of home office organization to help.

They heard my plea, and responded with the trumpets on high:

Iiiiiiiii Kkkkkkeeeeeeeaaaaaa


So I went. And spent.

Got inspired.


And translated.


(Our -Ty & Rae's- desk, and unfinished corner of the wall, don't look close! We're finishing it today)

So far, it should work relatively well while I'm writing papers.
(This is now the view from my desk, much better.)


Amy said...

Now the hard part will be trying to control yourself from partaking in the pompom, popsicle stick, and paint creations going on. =)

Good luck... I know you can DO it.


Joan said...

We are soul sisters, you and I. I just applied to BYU's BGS (Bachelor of General Studies) program! Ha! We will be students together :) and my emphasis is of course in English (my passion, as you know).
We can motivate each other along the way...b/c I know we're both going to need it :)
LOVE the desk and shelf unit you put together. The colors are crisp and fresh looking. A lovely and inviting place to study and craft.

Daron and Jamee said...

That is so cool that your Joan just applied too, and English? Crazy and Awesome!!

The girls look so CUTE just sitting there doing there crafts....


Alexis said...

How delightful...all my girls doing their "homework". I'm so proud. (and Tyler too - Mr. MBA:)

jenniferoharra said...

Rachel - you kill me! You are so amazing! Are you sure you don't want to stick with interior design? You are such a natural at it!
Don't worry about the going back to school part. So many people do that and you will do just fine!