Monday, August 24, 2009

Right now...

* The girls tuck themselves in this corner when hiding from "bedtime":

*London is obsessed with this Winnie-the-Pooh sing along book: Requests it up to 296x per day. She loves to flip quickly through the sing along pages as I sing out loud trying to keep up:

"Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, ..... PAGE TURNED... twinkle twinkle little star, how I......PAGE TURNED....the wheels on the bus go round.....PAGE TURNED....oh mister sun, sun....PAGE TURNED.....the farmer in the dell.....THE END."

*Lily insisted on bringing 5 - FIVE - purses today to run errands. Three of which were stuffed full of her clothing(?!).
After London pitched a screaming fit I insisted Lily share the small pink one. Lily pitched an even louder fit, explaining that London could have any purse, any purse, but the small pink one. Why? Because she had stolen and hid my entire pack of gum in that one (as we soon discovered).

*London follows Lily everywhere, including trips to the potty. Lily has now requested that I "yock the door" (lock the door) because London stands there watching, repeating " Eeew. Eeew. Eeeeeew." over and over. Poor Lily.

*We painted nails for Family Night tonight and ate oreos with milk. The topic of tonight's lesson: "The joys of being a daughter of our Heavenly Father." (Sorry Daddy.)
(By the way, Lily, that outfit is your absolute favorite. I consider it my lot in life. I have so many other cute selections I'd like you to try! I'll never understand why you hate that darling pink halter with little flamingos on it. The moment you wake up in the morning you search for this outfit. I usually later insist you change before we head out into the 90 degree weather. You immediately change right back into it when we get home.)

*Lily is in love with Zac Efron (sp?) from " High schhcoomusical".

*Lily is even more in love with this guy:

Baby Finn. How can ya not be?!! Look at him! (Lily is such a little maternal lovie too. Melt my heart, just look at them!)

*I adore this picture of London, it's her classic "I just woke up from my nap and despise life at this moment" look:

Just a few of the little things I never want to forget.


Joan said...

Such a great post, Rae. The little things are what we seem to forget so quickly but they are treasures. Like how Max calls Jimmie "Bitta" for some odd reason? And how Max says, "Hi Mom!" in the perkiest, cutest pitch ever when I'm sad or he can tell I'm in a lousy mood.
Life is good.

Sarah Hansen said...

Lily I love Zac Effron as well. Chwis' hair kinda flows as wonderfully as his. I miss my girlies and it has only been one day... I will have to make a visit.

Anonymous said...

EEWW EEEEWWWW EEEEEEWWWW best part. I laughed so hard I was almost crrying