Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beauty, we call you Beast.

London my love,

After surfing through a few old posts, I realized that someday - when you look back on this blog's record of all of your darling photos - you will not be able to understand how we could have possibly adoringly referred to you as "beast" on a regular basis.

I hope these help. The Lundy Lu (a.k.a. The Beast) we know and love:




Amy said...

That's just hilarious! And I can't help but love those chunky thighs!

Love you all,

Joan said...

Look Rae! She's got her mama's bum...and us less bumfortante folk are jealous.

Joan said...

I meant "bumfortunate." As in less "fortunate"...but you're a clever girl. I'm sure you figured that out.

Amy said...

Awww...love the title. love the pics. Just caught up on your blog. Love your life. :)