Friday, September 4, 2009

Everyone is sleeping.

We were camping out in the backyard tonight. Really, I was prepared to do it.

I catch a lot of flak around these parts for not being gung-ho over the idea of camping - that is "real" camping. I make no apologies: mankind has spent the past, oh, thousands of years attempting to form a decent civilization....we've barely mastered indoor plumbing and now I'm supposed to abandon it all, pack suitcases full of clothing and provide my own food and cook it over fire and arrive home only to unload a car full of dirty, smoked infused linens and camping attire, then drag it all into my perfectly clean, modernized home with air conditioning and all the amenities? Mosquito bites? Tick inspections? Really, that's what you call vacationing? And I'm the weird one?
Tyler tries to explain, "Rae, it's all about the experience!"
What experience? Hell? The Ice Ages? What experience?
I suppose there are those little details titled "nature"...."the great outdoors"...."man vs. wild".... yeah yeah yeah, just sleep with your hotel window open, and request a room near a bush. You'll be fine.

But I really did love the fresh air, under the stars in my backyard piled into a tent with fresh bedding from the house. I loved it so much I was prepared to happily sleep squished between Tyler and the girls. But then London continued crawling over each of our heads for the next 45 minutes as we tried to sleep. She would stick her face directly into mine until our noses squished together (as I tried to fake that I was sleeping) , and hoarsely whisper,


"Maaa...(getting louder)... maaA...(louder)...MAAA...(now it's painful)...MAAAAAAAA."

Finally, I would cave:

"What London?!!! Go to sleep baby. Lay down."


Nose squish (again).


This repeated about 9 more times until we were banished from the tent. And now I'm blogging on a computer. I'll have to try again next time.

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Daron and Jamee said...

Camping with a baby isn't as great as camping with older kids who help and actually go to sleep in the tent.

It's so much work to go camping.

It is so good for the kids though.