Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally uploaded the photos.

The Sweet Life Presents:

LiFe's A bEaCh.
Lake Tahoe Family Vacation 2009

The world's best cooking ever. Courtesy of Nonna and Aunt Mary.

This would be the part where Tyler suggested we buy a swimsuit that fit Lily a little more "appropriately":

And this is what happens when you tell Lily to pose for a picture:

Cute cousins

Cute London.

Thank you Nonna and Papa.
As you can see....we had a great time.


Amy said...

love the pictures! so glad you all had a great time, wish we coulda been there! =( anyways, my mom told me what a fish that little Lily is... and it sure looks that way from the pictures! love you guys!


Amy said...

p.s. Me again... ummm... is Lily driving that wagon with her teeth?

Daron and Jamee said...

Look how HOTT you are on that beach Rae!!

Love your beautiful family!

Alexis said...

Life has taught me many lessons! Tyler, Lori, Don & Alex are such blessings in our lives. We are forever connected because of the love of our children but even more importantly because we cherish your friendship! Thank you Nonna & Papa Don for all you do...and the grandkids are the icing on top of it all:)
Alexis aka MOM

Joan said...

Look at YooUuU! HOT MOM in the red strapless number and your cut arms all greased up! You look so good, Rae.