Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A heart full of....

Last night, after we had a relatively successful Family Home Evening (everyone paid attention, we sang songs, London and Lily "performed" on the piano to an audience who broke out in wild applause...good times), we began shuffling the girls to bed. Miraculously, Lily decided she would forfeit her standard sobbing protests to bed-time, and sweetly walked hand in hand with me to be tucked into bed. This display of astonishingly curious angelic-ness prompted a desire to hang out with her in bed a little longer (you have to understand, the usual 27 requests for different items and ingenious stall tactics usually make it extremely easy to tuck her in to bed and bolt immediately for relief).

I asked her, "Would you like me to tickle your back and sing a song?"
So we sang her favorite (or I should say my favorite song that I've been working since day one to project onto her as a favorite), My Heavenly Father Loves Me.

When we got to the line that says the word "heart", Lily exclaimed:

"Hey, I jus know wad a hert is!!" (Hey! I know what a heart is!)
She held her little finger up and traced the shape of a heart in the air.

"That's right! But do you know what else it is, Lu? It's something inside of us, and it gets very full when we love things. It fills up with the things we love."

I began to feel slightly emotional explaining this to her, wrapped up in blankets and in the quiet of the dark bedroom...oh, what a precious little teaching moment, right?
"You see, my heart is filled with you. And Daddy, and London." I hugged her tighter.
"Ohh!" she sweetly remarked. It obviously clicked.



"So, Lily, what do you think your heart is full of?"

"Chocolate milk."


jenniferoharra said...

Oh so freakin cute!!! I can't wait for these moments. Thanks for sharing!!

Daron and Jamee said...

Me too Lily.

Me too.

That is such a darling picture of Lily!! I love it.

Dan said...


Joan said...

I can imagine the scene perfectly. Warms my heart.

Alexandra said...

I don't blame you Lily, chocolate milk is close to my heart too! This is such a sweet post. You're a good mom Rachel!