Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a wonderfully FULL life. Really.

My somewhat overly dramatic tirade in the previous post (me? dramatic?) cannot be left sitting as my current entry for too long.

It would be wholly mis-representative of the usual good to bad ratio of my life.

To shed a little enlightening perspective on a crazy week, I hope I'll never forget that amidst the stress of the occasional cyclical insanity of life, I am so glad it is a full one. When I lamented to Tyler the other night that all I want is the simplicity of a day that revolves around nothing but a trip to the park and decisions about what to cook for dinner, he responded, "Rae, we want like SIX kids, there will never be simplicity."

Oh, right.
Then we got it on. (Ok....kidding. I just love throwing innappropriate tidbits of information into my blog. Forgive me.)

A blessedly full, busy, beautiful life.

Tyler, Lily and London are baking cookies in the kitchen right now. Seriously, how cute is that?! It's his first night at home this week after classes. The cupboards are clanking and I can hear the sounds of the iron whisk against the steel bowl of my fabulous sassy red Kitchen Aid mixer (thanks again and again for that one, Nonna). It will soon be filled with the deliciousness of fresh chocolate chip cookie dough. Lily will beg to be able to lick more than the spoons, Tyler will eat 1/4 of the the entire bowl, and Lundy will scream to get in on the action.

I'm off to get my hair done (glory be!), and Lily already gave me a big hug and said, "I'm gonna mish you shoooo much." Melt my heart right now!... I am so hopelessly in love with these people.

I'm a lucky girl indeed.


jenniferoharra said...

Loved that one Rachel! Sounds like a perfect night!

Daron and Jamee said...

Hows your hair?
Do you still go to Millie?

I miss chatting with her.

Ps. What a perfect night. I hope your weekend is good too.

Joan said...

I'm so jealous you got your hair done. I feel like I've lost five pounds and had a boob lift when I get my hair done (well, I don't feel THAT good...but close).
I french tipped my finger nails in this obnoxious neon pink color. I LOVE it! It's flashy and trashy! haha. In fact, I told Brandon that I painted my nails "Porn Pink" and he laughed!