Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Magic begins....

It's official. We've booked the trip.

The relief I felt as I clicked "Place order" on our Disneyland package tickets trickled down my spine and I got all tingly with excitement.
Now we're real parents.

Or at least really in debt (but not for too long because we really have been saving for this since the beginning of time...whew).

When we booked the tickets, we were informed that we could receive a "complimentary" phone call from any Disney character of our choice. ha. I've just prepaid my kids' future college tuition on this vacation. Everything is wonderful at Disneyland, I'll give you that. But nothing...nothing is complimentary. Even your vacation's supply of Mickey mouse shaped churros are going to cost a week's worth of groceries.

We picked Mickey to call us. Classic. You have to go classic on the first go round. We gathered around the phone, anxiously awaiting its ring. Lily sat in glorious anticipation of "a very very very special person" who was going to call her any minute.



It's your Mom.

Can't talk right now, waiting for an important phone call.

Sitting. Sitting. Fingers tapping. Silent phone. Everyone huddled around silent phone. More fingers tapping...

Ring Ring. California caller ID.


Brief silence, a few clicking sounds...and....Disconnected.

WHAT THE ?!!!!!!!

It's too late, what are we going to do? It disconnected but shows up that we received the call!

Lily's sweet face and big eyes, brows furrowed with innocent concern, looking up at the two of us. Tyler and I stared at each other in misery and disappointment, yet still undefeated.

Call your Mom. Have her be Mickey Mouse.

Hey Mom, can you quickly call the house and pretend to be Mickey Mouse to Lily?

Sure! Hows this: "Hey Lily! It's Mickey Mouse!" (Voice is a mixture of The Little Mermaid on drugs and Nemo's Dad - high pitched yet freakishly manly).

No no no. That won't do. I'm sorry....try it more like this (I plug my nose and muster as much saliva into the crevice of my inner esophagus - ok, not exactly physiologically accurate, but you get the picture -):
"Hey Lily! It's meeeee....Mickey Mouse! Say, you wanna come inside my clubhouse?!"

Hey, that's pretty good, why don't you do it? Just go into the garage and call from Ty's cell.

Oh right, good idea.

Ring Ring.


"Hey Lily! It's me, Mickey Mouse! Say, you wanna come inside my clubhouse?!!"


Total success. Can't wait for the real thing.


Alexandra said...

I LOVE Disneyland, we're going in October! And I love the fact that you pretended to be Mickey, way to keep the enthusiasm!

Amy said...

that's one of the best posts EVER. did Tyler film this event? it should be one of your next posts. disneyland is great... so excited for the girls (and you and Tyler too of course!)


jenniferoharra said...

So cute!!! Hope you have so much fun!!