Monday, September 14, 2009

The NeWest MaGiCaLiSt wonders.

I love that children come customized.

Unique. Individual.

Special orders.

(Licorice face)

Often imitated.

never duplicated.

(Just up from a nap, and with her very special "Bee Bee")

Mine are not like yours, yours are not like mine.

I hate it when I have the same stuff as other people. Don't you?

(On the way home from the lake, London was crying in the car with her hands covering her face, then fell sound asleep - just like this)

So each one is cause for excitement.

And celebration.

Lily had her first gymnastics dance class this last week, and as I watched her twirl and whirl with her leotard squished between her bum cheeks, I thought,
"Oh, how perfect. You are perfect."
Then I squeezed my London, who was watching and eating the entire pack of mini-chiclets Gamma had brought for her. I kissed her fat cheeks. Yes, perfect too.

As I continued watching with Gamma, both of us squeamish with delight over Lily's somersaults and trampoline jumps, I noticed the other parents staring.
At their children.
Their little customized orders. Their little perfect people.

(Pic taken as Lily anxiously awaited to leave for class. She had herself buckled in her car-seat an HOUR before it began. And of course, insisted on bringing her famous feather purse)



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Amy said...

ugh. That wasn't a bad Ugh that was an ugh they are so adorable. I don't know how to spell that kind of ugh.

haha this should probably be an email too but an email feels like so much more of an obligation. so i'll just say it here and be quick: I LOVED that Dave Eggers book. I know Nae has read and liked other of his but I couldn't get into his fiction. But that memoir he wrote is definitely in my top 3, maybe higher. I want to read it again soon. Funny too, because I don't read a lot of stuff from a guy's perspective. And I love that your mom knew that! So great how blogging connects people. Who says the internet is making us less connected. I think it's the opposite. okay i will email next time. :)