Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Sweet Life Presents:

Apple Pickin' at the Andelin's

Little girlfriends: Lily, London, Toad & Tad (DiEtte, Kinlee)

Lundy...scared of the dog roaming around.


bkoplin said...

Matching P-coats..are you kidding me?! Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I can just see you rationalizing the purchase in your head...hahah. I am SUCH a sucker for matching clothes on my boys. I understand your plight :) haha.
Ps: Can I borrow London and chew on her for an hour? She is SO squishy and good.

bkoplin said...

That was from me: JOANIE...and so was the comment on your "confessions" blog...but Brandon like you too :)