Saturday, October 17, 2009

Product of Insomnia

It's almost 4am, and I can't sleep.
I also can't find the book I'm supposed to be reading for school anywhere in the house. I think I left outside on a chair (and there's no way I'm going out into the dark to get it).
Occasionally, these sleepless nights result in a flash of genius: thoughts I need to record, a decorative idea, or a purposeful goal worth penning. But not tonight. As I thought of insightful titles I could potentially blog about about in the coming minutes all I could think of was This Week's Dinner Menu (sans the recipes) or Why the Deepest Pockets of Hell should be Reserved for Pageant Moms.

Yep, there is obviously no flash of genius tonight coming from me.

But I do have a picture of my girls.

Oh, how I love these girls. We had a lovely week:

*We took this on a crazy cozy, rainy day last week. Such a perfect day. The house was warm and lit, Salt City Pumpkin candle burning (my must-have-every-fall candle splurge), and we were just soaking it up waiting for Tyler to get home.

*Earlier today (or I guess yesterday), we met Tyler for lunch. As we sat waiting outside the restaurant, Lily watched a rather tall, dark, lean man (of I would guess Middle Eastern descent) walk past us. As he passed, Lily shielded her mouth with her little cupped hand as she whispered very matter-of-fact into my ear,
"Mom, dat's Bawack Obama."
This, and the fact that she wrote her name all by herself this last week (hip hip hooray!), both confirm the fact that I am dealing with a real genius (nevermind the fact that it was a case of mistaken identity - she knows that a President exists! Or that she included A's in her name -
L A i L Y A - she loves the letter A, it was included purely for aesthetic reasons). Isn't that impressive for a three year-old? Sorry, had to brag. I'm her mother. It's my job.

*London is officially the cutest munchkin known to mankind. I'm not kidding. I especially love how she and Lily have been playing together lately and I find it hilarious. From what I observe: Lily pretends that she is "the baby" while London plays "the mom". Lily pretends to cry and crawls around the house and London runs and grabs blankees and binkies, scratches Lily's back and sweetly coos, "Ohhh, beee beee! Beee beeee! Hunna hunna beee bee." She kisses her and hugs her and it just about sends me over the edge every time. Could you be any sweeter?!

*Pop and Gamma took Lily to her gymnastics class this week. They came back with reports like, "Lily was little out-of-control during class, but in a good way" (only Grandparents would say something like that) and "she put her leotard on backwards but I just couldn't change it because it was too cute".

*Ty & I's Friday date night included a trip to Chili's for their 2 for $20 deal. We're big fans. Another thing we're big fans of: each other.
If you think about it, a case could be make for the sick narcissism created by two people in love. 1) Boy meets girl and 2) they fall obsessively in love, 3) obsessively talk about their love for each other all day 4) eventually create miniature human versions of themselves who they then transfer obsessively talking about loving obsessively. Think about it.

That's all I can remember. It's now 4:17am, and I think I can fall back asleep now.

Goodnight (or morning).


Alexis said...

How crazy...I was awake at the same time - must have been some vibe in the atmosphere (I think the vibe was money and bills VIBRAting through my mind). Never fear....Hansen & Sons Plumbing will survive.
LOVE the picture of the girls - we love them sooo much too!
Love the rain, and Fall and the
smells of yummy Pumpkin Spice burning too.
LIFE IS GOOD....Sleep is overrated:)

Amy said...

Love that you got up and wrote at that hour.

Ian said...

I took this picture of the two and saved it as my desktop image so I can see their cute faces everyday