Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quit Day.

Do you ever have Quit Days?

A day devoted to quitting whatever it is you have going on.

I am lucky enough to get them every now and then. Usually Tyler, or my mother, takes over and I get a few hours (and sometimes an entire day) to quit.

( Sidenote: I remember when my Mom used to take those occasional days. Tired from the exhausting insanity of raising her eight kids and running a business with my Dad, she would look around our messy house and sigh, "I wish I could have a good fairy come and help me."
Sarah and I would usually catch the hint, and went about excitedly cleaning the house while she took a nap. We couldn't wait for her to wake up and see the results of our sneaky labor. She would come down the stairs later and squeal and act surprised, "OH! My good fairies came!".)

It is on theses days that I just quit everything. Motherhood, house-cleaning, self-maintenance (and grooming - eeww), reading, writing/blogging, phone chatting, school-work, church activities, working, catching up.

And I sleep.

I am fantasizing about excessive, gluttonous, guilt-inducing, intoxicating sleep at this moment. The type of sleep when you occasionally awaken only to read a few more chapters in your favorite book, make yourself a big plate of gooey nachos, and fall back asleep. I've been dreaming about this since sometime yesterday afternoon. Wrapped in the comfort of my white sheets and cushy down comforter.....aaaahhhhh.

Only Tyler is at work, and I can't get a hold of my mom.

Mom, where are you?!!!?

Help! I need a good fairy.

P.s...It is now 7:30pm (6 hours after original post). My fairy came earlier. I finished my book. Thanks Mom, what would I (or have I ever done) without you?.


Amy said...

I'm so glad you got your quit day! So true that sometimes you just need one. Especially a busy mama like you! :)

Amy said...

Did you just discover those reaction check boxes?? I like!

Joan said...

GOoey nachos?! YES PLEASE!
You make me laugh--oh how I love your posts!