Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Little Child of Mine...

She snuck her favorite blankee into the bath today.

She climbs out of the crib now. It started two days ago.

It is a terrible day for any mother: the day they learn to escape prison. The day it first happened, I had put her down for a nap, was finishing dishes in the kitchen when out of nowhere she suddenly appeared. I stared, in horrified disbelief. How did you get here? Nooo, nooo, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!

I found her a total of SIX times tonight after I had tucked her into bed, out in front of the television. Tyler was at class, and I turned out all of the lights and locked myself in my room in an effort to curb her desire to get out of bed. What good is escaping bed if the house is dark?
Naaa naaa naaah, that didn't deter this child. She knows how to turn on the hall light. Walks down the hall, turns on the television, and plops herself down with her bottle.

She was watching Jon Stewart re-runs each time I found her (she still can't work the controller).

I would hear the buzz of the television, exhaustively pull myself away from my book and bed and head down the hall. Pick her up, tell her "No.", and put her back to bed. Six times.

And yet it still makes me want to eat her up all the more.

*Photography courtesy of Lily during our spontaneous photo shoot the other day.


Ian said...


Daron and Jamee said...

Big girl bed time?

Why do they grow up without our permission? I mean, it would be so much easier if YOU decided it was time for her to learn how to get out of her crib, right.

She is stikin' cute Rae...

jenniferoharra said...

Awww so cute! Gotta love 'em even when they are disobeying.

Joan said...

OH she reminds me SO much of my Max. I am dying about the fact that they have never met?! Not to mention that I have never had the great pleasure of chewing on her cheeks myself! Not okay.
PS-loved the "those BAST..." comment. You are hilarious.

Alexis said...

The greatest pleasure in parenthood is seeing these little people come to Earth with their own personalities already in tact and the twists and turns they thrill us with (and frustrate us with) on almost a daily basis. So glad you are recording it all:)