Monday, October 26, 2009

Yeee haaw

Lily constantly talks about "choo choo trwain wides" as of late. So we decided: what could be better than a trip to the Wild Wild West to experience a first train ride?!

And a real life stagecoach ride?!(Pulled by real horses, just like out of a Well's Fargo ad - shooting down the dirt hills and around the town...ok....the ride lasted only 3 minutes and was 12 lousy bucks per person: worth every penny. I told Tyler I was willing to spend up to $100 for at least 45 seconds of such adventure. Have I ever told you, in addition to desiring to be a medieval princess, that I've always wanted to be a pioneer too?)

Just look at these faces...

My life's dream, fullfilled (well, one of them):

Later, we finished off with a cozy lunch in a cafe in the back of an old saloon. We sat on the balcony, eating under a warm heater and enjoyed the crisp fall weather in the old ghost town of Virginia City. It was a goooood day.


Joan said...

TWELVE BUCKS PER PERSON!?! I must be a total cheap-o b/c I would be the mom standing by watching you and your girls, waving, while telling my boys, "We'll go another time but not today!" haha. Ah, the famous line of every parent--at some point, anyway.
Can I EAT Lundy and her fat thighs---those leggings are TDF on her! I want to SQUEEEEEZE HERRR!!!
Ps-Have I expressed how much I love that your girls match. SO darling.

Alexis said...

While you were in the Wild West, I was visiting Colonial America - Boston, Lexington, Concord, Plymouth... with POP...I thought of you "pioneer girls- Rae & Sarah" the whole time. It was a trip of a lifetime, especially in the Fall - but boy did we miss our Lily, London and Finnan Man like crazy...I went to the computer as soon as I could to check your blog for pictures and stories I missed while gone this week. Your blog is a family history treasure. Thanks.

Amy said...

London's belly is AWESOME. I could just smother it with kisses.

I think I need to go to Virginia City... I always hear fun stories from my parents and your in-laws but I probably haven't been there since I was 7. I realize now that I'm missing out.

Hope all is well with your guys!

Love you all.