Monday, November 30, 2009

Horrible Sleep

I had the most fitful sleep last night. I dreamt that some psycho guy who lived next door to us, in a house I've never seen before but filled with gross references to 1960's wood paneling and mustard yellows, in a neighborhood I've never seen before - was trying to kidnap my girls. He somehow tricked me into letting them take a nap at his house (?), until I realized it was all one big psycho lie and had to break in to get them in secret. Tyler was absent from the dream (constituting a nightmare in and of itself), and I was trying desperately to carry both girls in one arm and hide them under the bed or in the basement. I would try over and over to dial 911, but all that would dial was 991, 991, 991. I would get connected to random people and try to get them to dial 911. I even called my Mom and tried to get her but she told me to stop being so paranoid, and that she had called the police enough for me (but I think she eventually did).

Then the cop finally came and the guy faked that he wasn't a psycho and I was even more frustrated and then I woke up.

Good morning.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess where we were?

* Warning * : If you're not prepared to spend the next three hours scrolling through the world's largest posting of pictures EVER, then I suggest you stop now, while you're still ahead. Sorry, this post is for me.****

Dear Walt,

If the Genie from Aladdin came for a visit and granted me three wishes, they would be as follows:

1. Permanent peace, love, and happiness bestowed upon my children, my family, myself, and all the inhabitants dwelling on this earth so that no suffering or evil can exist any longer - coupled with a simultaneous conscious awareness of the aforementioned peace, love, and happiness so that no contrasting forces of the aforementioned evil and suffering would need to exist in order to distinguish the presence and enjoyment of the aforementioned permanent peace, love, and happiness.*(This was one sentence so technically qualifies as one wish).
2. Larger lips, teeth, and mouth.
3. I want Walt Disney to be my Grandpa.

Yes, I love you. We love you.
And so I'm writing you this letter as if you were my Grandpa. Because Grandpa's like to know about these sorts of things. And they love lots of pictures to accompany itinerary details, right? (the kind of quantity that is capable of shutting down blog servers around the globe)
We had the unbelievably fun opportunity to visit the wonderfully magic kingdom you so inspiringly created. Sigh, I get weepy and nostalgically happy just thinking of it. To have the opportunity to do nothing but play and imagine and laugh with my children for one solid week: what a dream!...a dream...that's a heart maaaade....when....i was faaaaast....asleeeeeep....
oh, sorry... back to my letter:

Lily and London have officially met their match for imagination and energy.

And oh boy, did we have fun. Some favorites included The Peter Pan ride (a classic, of course), the Tea Cups (Lily's favorite), Splash Mountain (Lily's other three year-old...on Splash Mountain!! Can you imagine?...what kind of a mother would allow it?!), The Tower of Terror, Soaring over California, Churros!, Holiday lights, Mainstreet, Holiday parades, FANTASMIC!...I could go on and on....

Lily and London loved picking out their
Princess dresses before entering the Princess Fair (spoiling courtesy of Gamma and Pop, of course):

Lily chose Princess Belle. London chose whatever dress Lily was going to choose.

Enter the most priceless moment of the trip: Lily's transformation into a real Princess (or so I assume, as she began smiling and waving at the crowds we passed for the rest of the trip, until the final day when Tyler and I had no choice but to confiscate the hideously dirty, tattered remnant that remained).

We were able to meet some pretty important people:


London really took a liking to Pochahontas...

Really really really took a liking to her. She refused to leave, threw her autograph book down after ripping the pages in a tantrum. Pocahantas responded very sweetly with,
"My! What an organized little Princess you are!"

Organized? Kudos on finding a perfectly neutral yet actually inapplicable word to describe another screaming toddler encountered throughout your day.

We even saw the newest Princess Tiana in her New Orlean's Jubilee!...

TinkerBelle and her fairy boyfriend(?) with awesome hair...

And a few other important Princesses as well (whom Lily was quick to spot and chat with...I swear these two princesses are the same kid...?):

But of course a Princess isn't complete without her Prince:
Prince Mickey-Ears Finn.

And a few other honorable mentions:

Ian and Jacob made it in from Hawaii...

We even met SANTA.
(Which, I'm not gonna lie...after Disney Character sensory overload, the visit with Santa was more like "Oh, hey Santa. Um, can you make this quick? We just heard that A Small World will be closing a half hour early. Oh yeah, and if Lily asks you for anything this Christmas...bend her over that jolly knee of yours and give her a signature Santa spanking. This IS her Christmas.)

And Mrs. Clause too!

However, I've saved the best greetings for last:

Oh Walt!, we had such a good time.

Even on the scary rides (which for London included Snow White and Winnie the Pooh):

London did love the Jungle Cruise...

And the tree-house (which for me will always belong to the Swiss Family Robinson clan, sorry Tarzan)...

Yes, we had a jolly good time indeed.

By the end of each day, we had tired little Princesses on our hands.

Lily literally fell asleep like this. The bathroom light I turned on while reading bothered her (and yes, that is a binkie you are seeing in her mouth, and yes, we are pathetic parents).

We would wake up again the next morning, and repeat the same exciting day as before.

the last day.

Tired to the toes but still tingly from the day, we had to wave goodbye.

Bye, Bye Walt.

Bye, Bye Disneyland.

Until next time.

As you can see from my exhausted-to-the-point-of-fainting children's faces (this last pic is my fave because of those little "drunk on fun" expressions),
we had an amazing vacation.

We love you.


Your adopted grandchildren (please?)