Thursday, November 5, 2009

The best parts...

I was tidying up the kitchen during the quiet hour just before bedtime. Lily breezed by, engrossed in another episode of her daily adventures throughout the house, presumably squeezing every last ounce of life out of an already busy day. I stopped for a moment and scooped up her yummy-ness, just as if she were a baby (yesterday in my mind). I nuzzled my face into the nape of her little neck, inhaled a deep breath of her perfection and whispered closely into her ear,

"You make me so happy.
Did you know that?"

She looked up at me, and for a brief moment I was locked into those pretty little eyes, peering into her hazely greens. She smiled a genuinely Lily Lu smile at me and whispered - oh so softly - back,




Daron and Jamee said...


Your such a good example of eating up and enjoying every bit of your children!

jenniferoharra said...

Awww make me cry! So cute!!

Joan said...

So cute. They are precious, precious our little ones. I keep thinking how quickly time has gone and how it will only continue to blow by faster. I don't like that thought. I am going to miss having babies...although I have a long while until I have to worry about that. Gotta have at least three more, right :) ?