Monday, November 30, 2009

Horrible Sleep

I had the most fitful sleep last night. I dreamt that some psycho guy who lived next door to us, in a house I've never seen before but filled with gross references to 1960's wood paneling and mustard yellows, in a neighborhood I've never seen before - was trying to kidnap my girls. He somehow tricked me into letting them take a nap at his house (?), until I realized it was all one big psycho lie and had to break in to get them in secret. Tyler was absent from the dream (constituting a nightmare in and of itself), and I was trying desperately to carry both girls in one arm and hide them under the bed or in the basement. I would try over and over to dial 911, but all that would dial was 991, 991, 991. I would get connected to random people and try to get them to dial 911. I even called my Mom and tried to get her but she told me to stop being so paranoid, and that she had called the police enough for me (but I think she eventually did).

Then the cop finally came and the guy faked that he wasn't a psycho and I was even more frustrated and then I woke up.

Good morning.

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Sarah Hansen said...

I had a dream a scary man was standing in my doorway at the wee hours of the night...oh wait?