Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can't help but say (before heading to bed)...

I love my girls.

So much. I love being their mother.

Still can't believe they were given to me.

Today included a trip to story-time, where Lily was scolded for being so blatantly sassy and mean to a "stinky boyee"( her words). Lily has a love/hate relationship with the opposite sex. Already. She loves "Timmy" - Forrest's teenage friend - and "Justin Beeeeeeber" - she caught a glimpse of him singing on the Disney channel and oh no! She frequently says, with starstruck eyes gazing out of the window as we are driving, "Mom, I dus pwetending to mawwy(marry) Justin Beeeeeber."*
*(Enter Tyler & Rachel's most frequent two-word prayer: Help. Us.).

Yesterday afternoon while "helping" me bake, she began sticking her hand into her glass of water and swishing it around everywhere. I told her, "That's acting like a baby. You can't help me bake if you're going to act like a baby."
She responded,

"Oh yeah? Well you're acting like a monshter."

London shoved her bee bee (blankee) into the toilet, and howled when she had to go to bed without it. Sarah was babysitting, and out of desperate surrender gave it to her anyways (?!). Bad, bad auntie. Sarah was scolded. No blankee.
My little dolly also falls immediately quiet any time I begin singing "Silent Night". She can be in the middle of the tantrum and I will begin singing, and suddenly she'll sit in my lap and allow me to caress her face. She just stares back sweetly, watching my mouth intently as I sing, and does that cute shiver thing when I tickle around her ears.
I tell her "I love you." and she always responds,

"I waaaa woooooooo." (I love you, London style)

The girls were running through the kitchen this evening, intermittently appearing in princess costumes and then nude, chasing each other. Giggling, screaming, squealing, pattering, noisy little nudies.

I never knew it would be so fun. Or so much work.

(Love this pic, anyone who knows London knows that this is one of her best and most common facial expressions, so funny)



jenniferoharra said...

Awww so sweet and funny! I love hearing your fun stories!

Cindy Martinez said...

Hello Rae!
Even though I haven't left comments.... I continue to read each post and love ALL OF THEM!!

I still absolutely love to go into my kids (20, 17, & 13) room at night and kiss them goodnight and tell them how much I love them!!!

Ian Hansen said...

why do you torture me when you know I can't come over and see them!

Daron and Jamee said...

What does London see in that picture??

She is so stinkin' adorable. I haven't seen miss Lily in a long time. When will we see you next?


Joan said...

I am so amazed at how similar looking James is to Lily and Max is to London. James and Lily have bigger faces, accentuated features. Max and London have small faces, more petite features. What do you think?
Again, just another reason that your girls are destined to be my son's wives :)
I could DIE about London's facial expression. She is about the cutest dang pudge face I have EVER seen, Rae.
When are you and Tyler going to make another one?! ;)