Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh yes, she did.

There are nights that Tyler and I lay in bed and exhaustingly question:

Why are our children so crazy?
Will it ever end?

What did I eat while pregnant?
Was it the McDonald's cheeseburgers, or the 900 packs of lunch-ables consumed throughout critical gestation periods?

Sometimes I feel like my blog is nothing but documentation of all of Lily's childhood infractions. Oh, my blessed child. I love her. Now, a good week later, I can't help but laugh hysterically at the following photos:

Lily got a hold of some scissors...

When I emerged from the bathroom to view the gobs of hair on the floor, London stood next to Lily with her classic "Uh oh" face. She began explaining rapidly,

"Maaa Maaa...Aaaa ooo eh eh u NO NO."

That's right, London. Lily did a BIG NO NO.

Obviously, I wasn't pleased with the results.

Lily wasn't pleased with my reaction.
She explained tearfully, "Mom! I jus wanted sowt hair like Sissa!"
(Mom, I just wanted short hair like Rissa - her beloved auntie)

Today, she had no choice but to sport the desperate "My mother attempted to salvage my choppy mullet with ringlets and bows" hairstyle to church ( as I still can't decide what to do, there is no easy remedy to the levels of chopping that have occurred, and I refuse to let my daughter have a nasty boy hair-cut.)

I think it was the cheeseburgers.


Ciara said...

Oh how I can't even imagine how you feel! EEK! This is pretty funny (now of course, and because it's your child - not mine). Please post pics of the new haircut!!!

jenniferoharra said...

Oh my gosh - too funny!! She's still adorable, even with layers of hair. Good memories!!

Daron and Jamee said...

You are beautiful and I love your new haircut. You and Olivia should get together and play beauty shop, she would love that. Tell your mom and "hi" for me and give her a big hug.


P.S. Rachel-call me!

Joan said...

I was on the phone with Nikki when I looked at this. She said...she probably just watched Mulan and wanted to be like her when she cuts her hair so she can look like a boy and fight with the men. haha.
Ps: I LOVE you for your honesty, Rae. I could HEAR your voice speak the comment you left me on my blog. Seriously. I love that SO much about you. You are one of my favoritest--(not a word but SO should be) friends :)