Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Breakdown.

1. Special trip to
The Princess and The Frog
(So cute)

2. Popcorn and soda:

3. Birthday lunch w/ ice cream sundae:

4. Freedom of expression
(at the mere age of 4)


Dear Lily,

Last night I took a deep breath and explained to Daddy, "I think I'm going to let Lily pick whatever she wants to wear in public tomorrow for her birthday."

His eyebrows furrowed in deep concern. He knows what sort of clothing (or lack thereof) you've been known to choose..."You sure you want to do that?"

I was sure. I choked down a nervous swallow, and remained firmly committed to forsaking our usual deal. (Usual deal: you obligingly wear whatever outfit Mommy chooses whenever we must leave the house, and upon our return you may change into whatever suits your fancy)

We normally pull into the garage after an errand and you strip down before we have crossed through the laundry room into the house. It's as if you are allergic to what has been covering your body, suffocated by your mother's complete, miserably coordinated outfits, these repressive articles of tyranny.

You immediately change into a combination of leotards and plastic princess heels, London's denim skirts and bumble-bee wings. Today actually wasn't so bad...after informed of your brief stint of freedom, you emerged in a size 2T dress, coupled with highwater 2T floral leggings (your favorite for the past year), and pink socks for open display.

Whew. Glad we're back home.
I hope you liked your gift.

My big girlie, you'll never know how much I love you.




Amy said...

ha. love it. Happy Birthday Miss Lily. I am proud to say I visited the hospital when you were born. Four years ago. Wow.

Daron and Jamee said...

Wow Rae. You did it! And in public. That is the perfect gift for Miss Lily Lu!
Happy Birhtday from Jamee, (big) Olivia, Carter, and Briggs!

Daron and Jamee said...

Hey and Daron,


Emily said...

That melts my heart. I am learning the challenge of letting Jocelyn choose things to wear. The fun lessons of life and you are such an example to me. Happy Birthday Lily!
Jocelyn and Emily

Dan, Ali, and Finn said...

Hooray! Happy birthday Lily and keep up the fight against tyranny!

We love you.

Natalie in Sparks said...

Happy Birthday Lily! What a great birthday full of fun events! She looks very happy in every picture, so I think you did a great job Rachel!
I am sure it was liberating for her to pick whatever she wanted to wear that day too! so funny. and hey, I don't think her outfit is that bad - it could definitely be time Austin emerged from his room, ready for school in a tie dye shirt and camo pants. I drew the line right there and said absolutely no way. it looked hideous together! i have my limits on what they can wear too - even now. They can choose what to wear, but if it doesn't go together, or looks sloppy, they have to change. And I am super firm about it, unless it's a saturday, then I am a little more relaxed.

Renee said...

Lily is lucky to have you, Rachel, as her mother! Happy Birthday Lily!

Rachel, send me your email address so we can catch up? Mine is

Miss you :)

Sarah Hansen said...

I miss her. What a great sense of fashion you have Lil. Give me a call...we can chat all about Justin Bieber. Love ya.wink

Joan said...

Oh heavens. If I EVER get a daughter (keep your fingers crossed) then I too will struggle with the clothing battle.
I would so rather be disheveled, two day old make-up, sweats, and greasy hair than have my children in anything but perfectly coordinated outfits with their hair combed and styled. I am weird like that. Glad I have a weird friend to relate to me :)
Oh, Happy Birthday, Miss Lily Lu.