Monday, January 4, 2010


Before I post any wedding stuff, tonight I have no choice but to recount Lily's prayer.

She was busted (metaphorically, not literally) for playing around and being crazy with London while we were attempting to get through a short bedtime prayer. It all ended in a kerfuffle...instead of ending with a nice "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"...the prayer halted with a "that's it, get your BUTT in BED. IMMEDIATELY. NO. PRAYERS. NO DRINKS. NO POTTY. GET IN YOUR BED NOWWWW!"


Later, I passed by her room and heard her whimpering through the covers. Sigh. I went in and sat with her. After hugs and some sorry(s), we decided to reconstruct prayer-time after she requested to say the prayer again - while remaining very tired and emotional.

She cried and sobbed out the following, very sincere prayer:

Heavenly Fadder
Tank you for dis day
Help Sawah dwive (drive) safe to Tahoe
(Sarah is moving to Utah tomorrow, but Lily keeps calling it Tahoe)
Sniffle Sniffle, sob
Bless Justin Bieber
Bless Timmy (Forrest's friend, who has hair like Justin Bieber)
Bless Nicholas (cousin, who has hair like Justin Bieber).
Help us have wondeful (wonderful) daysh (days).



Amy said...

Ha! Love it! And love that we got to hear her sweet little voice this weekend ask to talk to everyone in the car in her little southern? accent.
P.S. Will you email me your home address? I have some pics to send you.
P.P.S. My new blog is at

Daron and Jamee said...

How Tender.
Sheesh,kids melt my heart more than anything in this whole world!


Casady said...

Hannah Montana SAY WHAT!!!

Daniel said...

I notice no mention of ME in Lily's prayer... is it because I don't have hair like Justin Berber?

Or any hair?