Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's January again.

And you know how I usually feel about January.


[Aside from my Lily's birthday, of course.]

But this year, my usual spite towards this month has softened into a lovely ambivalence.

On the one hand, January ushers in the cleansing period. It closes the chapter of gluttonous indulgence marking the final weeks of the previous year. Excess is removed. Toys, lights, presents, and reindeer are shelved, labeled, and stored. Expensive cuts of beef served along with creamy sides of heart disease are substituted with chicken and salad with vinaigrette. Credit card bills arrive, and payment plans are made. Goals are penned. Instead of wallowing in the superfluous dead-end of a previous year, we can face forward. A new day, a new year.

On the other hand, when the lights come down - so does the twinkle offensive against the cold, bleak winter. The darkness permeating the hemisphere still lingers as the sun sets around 2pm. All traditional methods of warming yourself through fatty cocoas and Christmas cookie platters disappear along with your waistline. There is no tree to read under. The house feels cleaner, yes, but also bare. In short - it's still cold - and I feel naked and starved as I head to the gym to load up on endorphins that help me survive until spring.

Wow, what a weirdo. Look up the following terms: "Seasonal affective disorder", "Fear of Change", "Sun Worshiper", and "Anal Retentive", I'm sure you'll find my picture.

But never fear! I really feel like the Pro-January side of me is taking over. We took down the decor, shifted things around and vacuumed. I planned a menu of Julia Child specialties (no cream cutting for me -at least not until March). We're repainting the low priority (and yet subconsciously aggravating) smudges and pen marks plaguing our walls. And I'm really excited for my upcoming kickboxing class. Most importantly, Lily finally got at that gingerbread house:

I also laughed heartily reviewing Lily's good girl goals that we posted in her room after a little "family goal night" session months ago:

How did she do?

1. Be Happy : Superb!

2. Never say "Hate", "Stupid", "Freakhead", or "Shut your lips" : Great!
So much so that this next year's list of never-say words has been whittled down to "Hate" and "I don't cawe [care]". Progress, progress.

3. Obey Mommy and Daddy: Very good (with threats)

4. Be nice to London always: Amazing. Lily is the best big sister.

It's going to be a good year. And I'm glad January is kicking it off.

Christmas Before:

Christmas After:

Stay tuned. My fun "wedding weekend" installment will be coming soon...


Crocodile Dandee said...

Classic! But I have a better option for January... simply move hemispheres! In a matter of hours you go from blizzarding cold to sub-tropical warmth with flowers! I actually have a plumeria tree in my backyard. Nothing says "bring it on January" like 88 degrees with 100% humidity (and accompanying sweat and smells).

Happy January!

Rae's Corner said...

oh I know it! I'm not going to lie, your email detailing hibiscus and greenery and lush smells made me seethe with jealousy. And open doors?! AAAA!

But most importantly - Finn-boy in his nudie glory in the warmth of it all...sigh.

Come back!


Rae's Corner said...

And post pics too.

jenniferoharra said...

I feel the same way about January! And I love seeing the pics. Can't wait for the wedding pics! Hope all is good with you guys!

Renee said...

Hi Rachel,

I found your blog (please don't think I'm freakishly stalking you, although I did trade in a full day of studying while I caught up on your life). I'm sorry I didn't make it to your house and visit with you this past week- I'm now back in the misery of Vegas and studying! I'll be back in Reno in February so I'll be making my visit to your house then!
Oh ya...and your girls are ADORABLE! Yay for 2010!


Dan said...

Start harassing Ali to get blogging and such!

Rae's Corner said...


Yay! I don't think you're a stalker - I'm glad we're catching up once again!! Now it's your turn to fill me're always welcome to stop by anytime you're back in town.


I've missed you.