Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Sweet Life Presents:

Cupcake decorating and
The Good Mom Smoothie

In my defense I did NOT catch the above happening until the instance I was behind the camera and had snapped the shot. The camera was promptly dropped, Lily was reprimanded, and the contamination was addressed.

I signed our playgroup up for a little culinary class at Whole Foods: so fun!

Also, while we're on the topic of whole foods, the following is a smoothie that is so tasty that my children guzzle this thing down as fast as a milkshake. I call it The Good Mom Smoothie.
It's your ultimate confirmation: although
you may have lost your temper over the sopping wet barbies found lying all over your freshly made bed linens, you overslept an additional hour by bribing your children with gumballs to go watch unmonitored cartoons in the living room, and you're not entirely sure whether Lily wore panties to the cupcake decorating event...

did serve them the kind of breakfast full of...
Omega threes, iron, beta-carotene, calcium, inulin, probiotics, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, cancer fighting, heart disease eliminating, diabetes prohibiting goodness nature has to offer.

You win.

And, if they refuse to drink it, you've now eliminated all other variables and can rest be are indeed a good mother!'ve just been cursed with bad children.

The Good Mom Smoothie:

*Cup full of frozen berries
*A few good globs of organic yogurt
(most of the non-organic/light kinds still have high fructose corn syrup lurking inside)
*A couple of glugs of milk or fruit juice
*A few generous teaspoons of flaxseed (available for $1.50 PER POUND at ghetto Winco. Hollaaaaa.)
*A hefty handful of spinach leaves
*One banana
*Ice (dependent on how thick and cold you prefer your smoothie)

Blend, drink, and conquer the world.


Daron and Jamee said...

Think I will go make one right now!
The cupcake decorating looked so adorable! Sad I couldn't be there!

Joan said...

We are SO on the same page. I made my kids a fruit smoothie this morning and felt like such a rock star mom...granted it did not have spinach or flaxseed :)
Ps: have you tried the homemade granola on "Bloom?" It was a way old post but you can enter "granola" in the search box on their site. I made it two days ago and it is SOO yummy (if you are a granola fan, of course).

Amy said...

I like Lily's thinking when it comes to the frosting...

Sarah Hansen said...

I MISS THEM!! Ah it hurts. You need to come visit me this month?! Just a quick fun it be ADVENTUROUS!