Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Life Randoms

1. A Birthday.
2. Snowy Sabbath.
3. The most amazing cook ever.
4. An announcement.
5. Awesome headbands.


1. The Birthday

Hot Husband birthday. Just look at that manly swagger, the arch of the business brow, the bad boy blue-tooth, the confident crossing of a parking lot...okay, okay, okay...this was the only shot I was able to get of him today as we were heading out to his favorite Vietnamese dig for a birthday lunch.
(See what happens when you refuse to allow me to take a picture of you, dear? I have no choice but to go paparazzi on ya.)

We mainly celebrated yesterday, during the

2. Snowy Sabbath

Church was cancelled, which I'm sure led every other Mormon to feel just as we did ...devastated -with lots of weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth - to have no choice but to spend the day in a cozy bed in pajamas...

and playing in the snow
Do you like the birthday snowman in honor of Daddy?

Later we had a birthday celebration dinner at Nonna & Papa's (still in pajamas). Which leads me to:

3. The most amazing cook ever.

If only I could properly describe the glory of Mama Lori's cooking. Filet Mignon, twice baked potatoes, Faro with grape tomatoes and basil, fresh salad with cranberries & feta, parmesan roasted brussel sprouts, a warm loaf of bread, and double blueberry cream & chocolate satin pies to polish it all off. And yes, it's possible to gain 5 pounds in one sitting, and YES - it is absolutely worth it. It's sinful and decadent and comforting and fresh all at the same time. I stand (or blog) before you today to declare: Life is not worth living without an Italian Mother-in-law who overfeeds you.

(London agrees.)

Up next and entirely unrelated:

4. An Announcement:
The Return of Crocodile Finn-dee.

Daniel received his acceptance to medical school here in our very own home town. Finn! Come kiss your Auntie Rae Rae! You see, he was so sad without me:

Congrats again Daniel and Ali, your hard work has paid off and we are so excited for you!

And finally, super duperly unrelated to anything whatsoever, but worth sharing:

5. Totally awesome headbands.


Glue gun & elastic string


Little girls


Taa daaa....

Including one little girl who was particularly unhappy about the thievery
of her precious Pirate's Booty Popcorn.

Wonder who the thief was?

The end.
And apparently I'm not taking a break. I can never make up my mind.


Daron and Jamee said...

Yeah for Daniel and and Ali!! I was just thinking about them!

I thought the announcement was going to be something else, you kow, more uteroish, I skipped down to see....


Amy said...

I definitely skipped down to read the announcement first too.
That was a very good snowman for two such little girls.

Joan said...

Hooray for birthday celebrations with your lover and cozy snuggle days.
Finn is SO stinkin' cute and chubby! AND
Love the headbands. Darling, darling.