Friday, February 5, 2010


He gets back!

Hooray! No more lonely nights without him. He was on a business trip. Lots traveling around/ hotels/ business dinners/ presentations, and whatnot. Rarrrrrr.

His debit card was somehow fraudulently used at an ATM in Cerritos California. He was nowhere near there, and still had the card in his possession. Some yahoo was withdrawing over $700 from our checking account! We caught it, and the bank promptly canceled his card to prevent more theft. Problem was: it was 9pm, and his only other credit card on hand had just been maxed out on rather huge company reimbursable expenses. Even if I made a hefty payment myself, it would take 24 hours to credit. No more cash. Nothing. The man was destitute somewhere in the deserts of Arizona.

Crime committing bastards, I can only hope hell exists.

He was hours from a bank, out on some site in the middle of nowhere. I was stressing. The next day, he had to be on site and didn't have time to drive to a bank. I knew he would be hungry and have no money! Having a hungry husband with no money produces the same anxiety in me as having constipated children, I soon discovered. I start breathing tightly and was knotted in nervousness. My husband is hungry, my husband is hungry, my husband is hungry! (Echoing the same pattern of behavior during the constipation baby won't poop, my baby won't poop, my baby won't poop)
What will he do?! 24 hours with no food? Should he go to a local homeless shelter and beg?! Who do I know that lives there? I have no place to wire money to! He'll just go to bed hungry? Not having eaten a single thing all day?! AAAaaaaaaa!

Finally, that evening, he called. He had rushed as soon as he could leave the site and made it to the bank just 5 minutes before closing.

He was eating at Claim Jumpers. Wheeeeeew.

So excited for him to get home tonight. London has woken up every morning this week, with beastly bedhead, and hoarsely asks in her cute morning voice, "Da deee bye bye? Da deeee bye bye?" Yes Lundy, Daddy is bye bye.

But not tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow morning, we can feed him.

Plus, Q&A is finally coming.


Emily said...

How awful Rachel. I feel so bad for Tyler. I would have been so worried too. I'm glad that you will have him home soon because I hate it when Truman is gone. I found a couple more china hutches that might be a possibility, but they might be too big. I will try to email them to you today so that you see what you think. Have a great day!

Daniel said...

I will concede that Tyler is a particularly special guy. In a similar situation, I would be swearing, moaning with hunger pains, angry at immigrants, and would probably post a blog on "Why I don't believe in God anymore".

I can only imagine that Ty was calm and cool, "it's no big deal Rae" type attitude.

Thanks for making us normal guys look bad Ty.

Sarah Hansen said... are the most easy going guy. Why Rachel?
Ha I forgot to make that a question.

Amy said...

oh my goodness.... Poor Tyler (and you too!) The stress! So glad it worked out for you both and that you will soon have your husband home.

I'm counting down the days, only 3 more weeks till Chad is home!