Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!

And thus concludes my two weeks of posts on love (thanks for indulging me, sorry if I failed to post anything even moderately suited to your interests -
I me love a good excuse to talk about Tyler).

I'll be taking a small break for a bit.

Enjoy your day of love, with whomever you share a bond with (husband, wife, mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, brothers, sisters, friend, pet, child, etc etc etc...). There really is nothing more special, is there?!

We celebrated yesterday.

Amish oatmeal

warm sunshine (the BEST possible gift):

with our kids outside

Indulging them with lots of candy (Thanks Nonna, Papa, Gamma & Pop-I: in addition to what we already provided, these kids were in sugar heeeeaven)

Later, Ty & I went to see Valentine's Day (so overrated) and
Fon-did it at the Melting Pot.

It was a lovely day. Hope your day is special too.



Ps. Just had to conclude with this...Lily was just browsing through the pictures on my camera as I posted, and said "Oh Rachel!!! You're jus like a cute chicken, I could jus eat you up!

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