Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Big Day

Today was a momentous day. For a girl in our family, it marks a new dawn, a special beginning, a real lady tradition: the induction into the
Country Garden Lunch Society.

The Country Garden Restaurant has been a favorite since I was a little girl, when my Mom first brought me. I crossed my legs and ordered with a gracious "Please" and "Thank you(s)". We sipped the cinnamon tea and ate Chicken Almond sandwiches with Miramonte Salad. We exclaimed "Oh my!" to the fabulous dessert platter. We discussed clothing and accessories and boys and all manners of delightfully trivial gossip.

It was all, and still is, so very Anne of Green Gables. For years now: Saturday lunch dates, girlfriend gatherings, bridal showers, baby showers, Christmas season kick-offs, and summer afternoons dining underneath the ivy on the back terrace of this restaurant have been a long part of our female repertoire.

It's as necessary as a good lipstick...it is the ultimate place where ladies lunch.

Lily-Lu is now four, and with this coming of age has shown that she is quite prepared for the manners required at the Society. She arrived in her new pink trench coat, nails freshly painted and adorned with flower stickers, and her sparkly purse filled with the necessities.

And who better to initiate her into our special tradition than her very own Grandmothers?!

It was a special day for just the three of them.
And as you can see, Lily enjoyed herself immensely.

Ta taaa darlings!

[Thank you Nonna & Gamma.]


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is gorgeous!
I love the first picture of her: so grown up and Beautiful!!

Did you get the invite we left on your door?


Anonymous said...

We will have to make this a tradition for the little Haack ladies! It was so fun and Lily was the perfect lady! xoxox Nonna

Casady said...

Are you kidding me!! Lily is so stinkin cute in these pics! Oh three months of nausea and vomiting is sooooo worth it!

Joan said...

Just one more reason why I NEED a little girl in my life! :)
She is such a perfect little lady.

sarah Hansen said...

Lily Lu! So grown up;( What a perfect lady.

Amy said...

Love traditions like that! It's fun to continue ones from our families and then make new ones. Do you and Ty have specific ones for your little fam?