Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Said, She Said: Tales of a head cold.

We really are quite a pair of weenies.
Wimpas grandas. Big fat sissies.

And we laid there in bed, yesterday eve, sulking and upset and miserable. Stuffed up and coughing and aching and feverish. We spoke through plugged noses, our voices crackled and nasal-y. I was feeling particularly sorry for myself. So busy and so sick...and to make matters worse, just two weeks ago I thought I had recovered from this same illness! Sinus and double ear infections. This surely added fuel to my brother's conviction that I am the weakling of our family. The evolutionary mal-adaptive. The naturally de-selected. Curse him.

"Ty, are we dying?"

"I dunno, maybe."

Silence. Fifteen minutes past, as we tried to fall asleep with our heads propped up high in pillows. Tyler broke the silence,

"Hey awake?"

"Yes. But trying not to be.
I'm imagining myself lying in a lavender infused tepid pool, perched high up in the hills of Macedonia, overlooking the ocean....
I just finished my 90 minute hot stone massage and I am weightless, as I float in the pool, inhaling the deliciously cleansing aromatic oils laced throughout the water...
The entire spa is white, all white stone - glittering as a backsplash to the sunlight, with only my bronze skin and lavender petals for color. I've just finished a light lunch of a caprese salad drizzled in a balsamic glaze, a flaky baguette, and an ice cold sparkling peach fizzy garnished with sprigs of rosemary...when I step out of the pool I...."

"Uhh, I just wanted you to check this out."

He turns on the light. Two fat wads of tissue are shoved up each of his nostrils, hanging down like walrus teeth. As he speaks, the tissues blow up and down with each excited breath.

"It's my booger catcher invention. It's awesome. Someday, I'm going to invent a tube that runs from your nose into a big bowl on the side of your bed, draining all the snot right out. Good idea huh?!"

Sigh. "Yes, it's brilliant dear."

"Goodnight, I love you."

"Night, love you too."


Daron or Jamee said...


We just got over the same thing. Well getting over it. It last forever.


Amy said...

maybe I shouldn't have read this post while I'm eating.


Feel better soon!!

Natalie in Sparks said...

That is too funny! A "Men are from mars, women are from Venus" moment... Hey I hope you guys feel better soon! I am sorry that you were BOTH sick! No fun!

Joan said...