Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quotes of the Day



With her squeaky, raspy little voice while holding up our
footless, nude, chewed up Barbie without hair:

"Mom, da bobbies yook uggy."

(Mom, the barbies look ugly.)



Laughing about me telling her that "I love her to pieces.":

"Hahaha, aw Mom, you just cwackin' my butt out."

(Aw, Mom, you're just crackin' my butt out.) (?!)


Stumbled across these photos:

1. Oh how I CAN'T WAIT for summer in the backyard again.
2. Look at my kids! So little compared to now. Sigh, sniff.
(And yes, that is our new tree you see falling over in the background.)

1 comment:

Joan said...

"Cracking my butt out?!?!" What kind of mother do these girls have teaching them such crass, awful language!? hahaha. Hilarious.
James the other day said (he is obsessed with rhyming words these days): "Mom, how about "*uck and duck? That rhymes, right?"
Uhhh, yeah.