Monday, March 29, 2010

To my Third Wonder of the World

Dear Baby,

You are still so abstract. It's funny.

You began as an early morning test.

A squeal.

Your father doing his signature fast-hands-together-swish-thingy, with a pat on the back (I believe the words, "Yes! It's still working!" were thrown in somewhere).

A kiss and an 'I love you'.

A few phone calls, and plenty of congratulations. But I won't lie. Third children get screwed out of the most enthusiastic celebratory moments. But you can't blame people. I guess they start getting worried about the consumption of natural resources around child 3. All I can say is: you people should thank me for the type of children I'm putting on this earth. They don't know how awesome you really are. Only we will. And so, we were plenty celebratory enough.

Now you are vomit. And nausea. And lots and lots of complaining. Crying. Weeping. Wailing. A dirty home, and lots and lots of help from family and friends. Tonight, Gamma and Pop even scheduled a Family Home Evening over at our house: to fold our laundry.

Bless them, you're really going to love your Grandparents (both sets). And Aunts and Uncles too. Auntie Mal is here now, helping with your sisters. Forrest delivered Velveeta Mac and Cheese yesterday, breaking the Sabbath and sacrificing his very own soul to deliver me the only food that sounded stomach-able. I told him Kraft wouldn't do. Only Velveeta, and strawberry Jello. (Daddy was out of town).

But most of all, you are you. And I get to learn who that is. From now, till the blessed day I get to see your face (Gosh, I can't wait for that day). And I am happy.

[Even through the puke] I really want you to know that.

I am happy.

And so grateful.

And I love you.

You are so very wanted.




Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I can't believe I didn't call you this weekend. You kept popping into my ehad, and I thought to myself "No, Tyler will take care of things this weekend. I don't want to bother him." BUT HE WAS OUT OF TOWN???

See? That is why we listen to those sipmle little wisperings. I am so sorry. I will make it up to you. Do you want me to hold your hair back? I will you know.


Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! my sister-in-law jen may or may not have told me earlier, but that doesn't take away from how much i love reading your blog and hearing (seeing???) it in your words. So happy for your beautiful family!

Kendall K said...

Congrats Rae! I am so excited for you guys!

Ciara said...

CONGRATS!!! I'm SUPER excited for you!

Lacy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am soo excited for you guys. I vicariously have children through you, because we all know its going to be awhile before I am stable enough to have my own family. Ohh, I CANNOT wait for that day though. Seriously Rae I am really excited for you and your family. I will try to make it to Reno sometime this summer to visit. Miss you guys, and am sooooo happy for you! Lacy

Sarah Hansen said...

Thanks for making the sacrifice so we can enjoy and love your perfect babies:)

jenniferoharra said...

Congratulations Rachel & Tyler. I'm so happy for you guys!

Alex said...

AAAAHHHH Congratulations Rae! You're such a good mommy :)


Amy said...

Ahhh!!! I knew as well but didn't know if I was supposed to know type of thing?? HA! I'm so so so happy for you and I will never get sick of hearing that someone is pregnant. It will never be too much or un-special. (Okay this might not be true for EVERYONE out there but it is for you.) My dad always said you can't just have two you gotta throw it off balance with the third (which they for sure did with Jamie Dallas). I know you will probably throw it off balance with a fifth or something but it will never be anything less than amazing. Sooo happy for you!!! Can't wait to buy another installment of Fancy Nancy for her or something comparable for him!!! WE WILL SEE...

Joan said...

Hooray for babies...especially those of the Hansen/Haack variety!

Joan said...

Um, yeah...just read this again and I'm in tears. Such a boob...but man o man can I relate to this all too well right now.