Thursday, April 8, 2010

All the many reasons.

Reason to Cry:
Watching TLC's A Baby Story. Back to back. Morning after morning. Before I had kids, I occasionally watched an episode in shock and disgust. Now, I just sob through each episode. Every time that baby arrives, I can't help it...with the surge of pregnancy hormones I do nothing but improportionately weep throughout the whole thing. I cry because it is so beautiful, I cry because it is so hard, I cry because I want to fast forward to that place, I cry watching the husband and wife interact lovingly, I just cry. cry. cry.

Reason to Smile:
Having babies with this guy. He's so good in the delivery room, and patient and sweet to me throughout my misery and whining. I remember him staying so close, holding my hand and counting me through every contraction. I also remember him passing out while watching me get an epidural (classic. so funny.). My big, strong husband blacking out at the sight of me in pain and being inserted with a giant needle, what's not to adore about that? Just the other night, he slept with the girls in the guest room so I could get good rest throughout the night (back issues). This is the man to have babies with, I'm so lucky.

Reason to Cry:
My face (acne). Nausea. Vomiting. Constipation.

Reason to Smile:
London's hair.

Reason to Cry:
Being utterly useless.

Reason to Smile:
Lily stepping in as my big girl. ("Reading" a story to London - which basically consists of Lily making up whatever comes into her head as she turns the pages. Very interesting.)

Reason to Cry:
Our laundry situation.

Reason to Smile: My mother.

Sheesh, Pregnancy. What a roller coaster.

***Addendum to Today's post:***

I just got this pic in a email from Nae 10 minutes after this post

Reason to smile:
Look at the fun I was having at the wedding

Reason to cry:
I had no idea that photo was being taken. Which means, I was really dancing like that.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Reason to laugh:
That picture of you and you saying that you didn't kow the picture was being taken. I laughed out loud.

Reason to cry:
I miss seeing you.

Reason to smile:
I will see you again someday and just trying to picture what that beautful baby will look like.


Joan said...

That picture of your husband and girls makes me want to cry and smile all at the same time. What a GOOD man he is!

Emily said...

You do have an angel mother and I am so glad that you have her and please always know that I am always here if you need anything. Why does the road to getting pregnant...and then getting them safely here have to be so difficult? You are amazing with all that you do.

Ciara said...

You are too funny. I LOVE that you're finding the humor in these weeks of yucky-ness. xoxo

Natalie in Sparks said...

So funny!
Hang in there Rachel, you can do it!