Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lily and London,

Today marks the fifteenth week of your sibling's journey to meet you. As you can see from the photo above, you girls have already done a fabulous job of preparing the ol' womb to make it nice and roomy (i.e. I'm huge for fifteen weeks, pre-stretched, easily inflated). So kind of you.

I'm also in Portland. Drizzly with rain, lush with greenery, full of flowers Portland. I love it here. Visiting Shinae and enjoying a lovely weekend of R&R. Long conversations till 2am, lots of boutique browsing, and trying out intensely yummy food. Oregon is so good about fresh food, although - truth be told - , there was hardly anything particularly fresh or healthy about the amazing corn beef rueben I scarfed down for lunch, or the endless amounts of fries with ranch dressing (however, Shinae has recently converted to ketchup. KETCHUP. I tried to hide the look of betrayal). I swear, Nae and I could set the world record for conversation. Whenever you have a question, please remember to come to us. We figured out all of the world's problems between 11:27pm and 2:31am last night. I swear.

I bought the most darling headband we can all share (yes, I plan on wearing it too). I think you're also going to be really really excited about the old fashioned taffy and real, vintage clip on earrings at the 3 Monkey's store I grabbed for you. Only 2 bucks a pop so I couldn't resist. Big pink flower ones. I'm sure we'll be following up with pic's on that one in the coming weeks.

It has been quite enjoyable. I've even had my palm read at the local market. Just as my mother has warned me to stay away from that sort of stuff, you'll probably ignore my future advice as well when I say it is utterly fraudulent and stupid. But I'll still understand when your curiosity will get the better of you as you waste a lousy 7 bucks for the most generic interpretation of your life ever. One that will fail to notice or include anything about your pregnancy. What a rip. Just look at me. I was trying not to laugh the entire time.

I'm missing you terribly though (as evidenced by me mentioning some story about you every five minutes to Shinae & Josh...I'm sure they really love that). And I miss Daddy too. It feels good to get away, and even better to be reminded you want to return.

See you tomorrow.

Love love love love love,


Monday, May 17, 2010

Lundy doodlebuns

Oh London,

My wish for you is that someday you get a daughter just like you.
You are so much fun. So, so much fun.
Attempting to potty train has been really fun (and as evidenced by the photo above, you insist on putting on your panties by yourself). You have been so interested. In fact, completely insistent that you begin to use the potty like the rest of us. Day one began with the following promise:

"Don't go pee pee in your panties okay? Put it in the potty like you did with Mommy."

"Otay Mom. Otay"

Five seconds later, you walked down the hallway, paused midway and pee'd all over the floor.

"Moooooommy, I peeeeeeeeeeeeee'd."

Oh well. Practice will make perfect. And sticky floors.



Ps. Oh yeah...the cellulite on your inherited that from me. You're welcome.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week in recap: a good one.

This past week I decided on a whim to escape to Utah to say farewell to my little brother Ian. He is embarking on his mission to Thailand. Whoo hoo! I am hyperventilating a little bit though, especially after our family meeting with a good friend who also served his mission in Thailand. Among his many adventures, he was sure to detail eating a plethora of bugs and red ants (staples among common Thai food, especially in the countryside), and the humidity. Oh dear, maybe it was just because I am pregnant, but hearing about the regular hot, sweltering humidity made me sticky just listening. Hardly the Thailand I've read about in brochures. But I'm not worried about Ian, no...not Ian....just look at him:

Okay okay, sorry, the sister in me couldn't resist. This is really him:

Sigh, it was hard saying goodbye to him. Like really hard. I was surprised how I was hit at that moment. Such a good kid, this one. A real gem. Hugging him in his suit, knowing that I was saying goodbye to a certain boyishness that wouldn't return after two hard, worthwhile years of service in a foreign land. My daughters will miss him (such a good uncle...he'll be the best Dad someday), Tyler doesn't have a tennis partner anymore, and I will never forget how much he helped me out during the past few months (9pm...Tyler's in class...phoning Ian "Hi Ian...will you please run to the store and buy me some more ginger ale?"..."Sure Rae, be right over.")

The MTC (Missionary Training Center) has a new way of having missionaries enter, and this time only one vehicle is permitted to pull up to the curb and drop off their missionary (Space & time really does make sense). So we said our goodbyes at the park across the street, and crammed every single body into one vehicle to drive him into the MTC. All 80 of us (or so it seemed) tearfully waved and yelled goodbye out the windows as he unloaded and headed up the walkway to his new adventure. Watching him walk away alone, I couldn't help offering a silent prayer of gratitude that the Thai people are known as some of the kindest and most welcoming people to missionaries. Love them Buddhists. Please, take good care of my brother.

So don't ever be mean to a missionary. No matter what. Even if they do look a little dorky with bike helmets and fanny packs and suits. I promise you, they are gold....and they probably have a sister somewhere in the world that will kick your a@& if she ever found out.


Spending time in Utah was grand. My ol' stomping grounds. First stop, Cafe Rio (of course). In fact, it would actually be more accurate to say that I travel specifically to Cafe Rio and happen to visit Utah while I'm there. Then Zupas and Kneaders and Rumbi's. Utah has the best food I tell you. I return just to eat. And since my taste buds have returned, I actually enjoyed it (well, most of it). The flowers at Temple Square were to. die. for.

The whole family drove in a caravan of three separate vehicles.
Jacob drove with us (Tyler couldn't come because of work).


No sister joke this time. This is really Jacob.

Okay, maybe a little kidding.

But I'm not giving you any more photos for verification.

He was so patient and cute with my girls (another future amazing Daddy), even after London's 90th request that he turn around and look at whatever she was pointing at out the window. "Gacobe (Jacob)! Gacobe! Yoook! Yooook Gacobe! Yoook!" Heaven help me, it was torture. But 16 hours round-trip in the car gave us lots of time to catch up. It feels like it has been years since we've had a good long chat.


I returned very refreshed and ready to turn a new leaf. I made my first dinner menu and grocery shopped and felt fabulously functional again. Remember how I said I would post two dinner items a week! Ha! Why do I say anything? The moment I do, I'm forever cursed to NOT keep up with what I profess. Oh well. But here are a few items on the list:

Awesome summer meal. Not so good with the bi-polar Spring weather we've been having. I planned it on a warm day. We ate it on a cold day. Perfect for lunches too.

Next up:

Tri-tip with Pineapple & Cucumber Salsa:

Still can't wrap my taste buds around this one. But I purchased six tri-tip roasts during a great sale about two weeks before I found out I was pregnant. Meat and I have still not made peace during this phase of pregnancy. But just the fact that I'm willing to give it a try means improvement. Sigh, miss you Tri-tip. Miss you.


Mother's Day was lovely. We had purchased and planted pansies, petunias, red geraniums, and a gorgeous summer yellow rose bush to brighten our back yard. I viewed them happily out our window through the freezing rain, desperately hoping they wouldn't be slaughtered in this psycho weather.

I normally want to do nothing but sleep and lie in bed on Mother's Day. I've certainly had enough of that, so I actually served lunch and dinner and was thrilled to return to church.

It was a good day. We watched Swiss Family Robinson all piled in blankets on the living room floor before bed. Later, Tyler and I listened, facing each other with our heads on our pillows in bed, to our girls giggling and misbehaving in their bedroom. We smiled and laughed at their antics, until our eyes widened as we heard the last words shrieked:

"London! Shut UPPPPPPPPPP!"

"No YeeeLeee, you Sutttttttt UPPPPPPPPPP!"

Clearly, we have some work to do.


I'm coming back. Hooray!