Monday, May 17, 2010

Lundy doodlebuns

Oh London,

My wish for you is that someday you get a daughter just like you.
You are so much fun. So, so much fun.
Attempting to potty train has been really fun (and as evidenced by the photo above, you insist on putting on your panties by yourself). You have been so interested. In fact, completely insistent that you begin to use the potty like the rest of us. Day one began with the following promise:

"Don't go pee pee in your panties okay? Put it in the potty like you did with Mommy."

"Otay Mom. Otay"

Five seconds later, you walked down the hallway, paused midway and pee'd all over the floor.

"Moooooommy, I peeeeeeeeeeeeee'd."

Oh well. Practice will make perfect. And sticky floors.



Ps. Oh yeah...the cellulite on your inherited that from me. You're welcome.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

That is the cutest picture of Lundy!!

Good luck with the Potty Training.


Sarah Hansen said...

Oba Oba...just like your auntie London!!

Joan said...

She does have her mother's buns :) haha. And she's about as edible as they come, Rae. I want to squeeze the goodness out of her!

Larissa said...

well rae i was that one who got the potty out so you welcome.
love aunty rissa

Amy said...

(And I can't believe how old Larissa looks!! Ahhhh)