Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bet you wish YOU had a genius Engineer for a Dad.

This morning, I followed our outside hose throughout the yard...winding inside through our screen door...all the way back to our bathroom where I found it hooked up to... our master tub faucet.

"Tyler, what are you doing?!!"

"It's awesome! Now the girls have hot water in their pool!"

I had to remind him none of us had SHOWERED yet. Not to mention our utility bills.

Oh you can see, it's quite the success.


Natalie in Sparks said...

good idea! looks like they loved it!

Alex said...

That is such an awesome backyard water toy!!! Hot water just adds to the cherry on top ;)

P.S. Your girls are too cute!

~Alex Martinez

Joan said...

Where on earth did you get such a fun toy?! Does it run on a motor to keep it all pumped up full of air? Those are two lucky little girls :)