Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm a detail lover.

It can make a person crazy.

But really, life is in the details, isn't it?

I remember shopping with my Mom at Costco when I was a kid, and she told me I could pick a treat (the favorite part of any grocery shopping trip - you have to let your child pick a treat). I saw this bag of biscotti. Gourmet biscotti.

I didn't even know what biscotti was.

But I knew packaging. And this biscotti bag, let me tell you, was begging me to purchase it. My mom protested and couldn't understand my insistence on the biscotti. I begged and pleaded.

I got it.

Biscotti, chomped on solo... is really gross, especially to an eight year-old.

And yet, no regrets. I loved the details.

And to this day, my brothers will still open my refrigerator door and question certain purchases,

"Did you get this because you really like the actual product, or just because it's titled 'creme fraiche'?

Both. Duh. Inextricably linked. I like the name and therefore the product, then tried the product and was equally pleased it was given a good name. Duh again. Only hardy, dirt faced American pioneers would think to change its name to something as lame as "Sour Cream". It's cream, and it tastes sour. Sour. Cream. So straight forward. How boring is that?

In my house, the smallest, random details can bring the weirdest smiles to my face. Like my newly arranged cookbook corner,

Or managing a front porch seating arrangement without spending any money. I had this fabric on hand,

And these old chairs - Walmart purchases from when Tyler and I were first married,

And waaaa laaaa. Hardly a Martha Stewart seating extravaganza, but not bad.

And my beloved menu board, which I spiced up with some color, and decided to haul out my aprons for display....

Small changes, and yet they make me so happy. Funny. I asked Tyler what he thought of our cookbooks on display and his response was something like,

"Huh?...Uh, oh...yeah. nice."

Silly boys. They just don't get it. And yet, ironically, I think it's the small details about a girl they fall in love with. Don't be fooled, they get caught up in gourmet packaging just as much as the next eight year-old. Tyler loves our home just as much as I do, he just sees it as a complete picture, the same way he says he loves the way I smell like "Rachel" (which in reality is three splashes of Gap Dream perfume, a hefty dose of Mango Mandarin conditioner, and Downy softener).
We're all, admittedly or not, detail lovers.


Amy DK said...

I looove this post. Because I, a fellow girl, love details too. I might be copying you as I have no original blog inspiration right now........
And I must add that one detail of yours that I've copied ever since I saw it is the flowers tied around towels in the bathroom to make them Fancy. That is the only designing trick I know thanks to you!!

Amy said...

love your aprons!

Joan said...

You know I'm right there with you :) I see the world through a magnifying glass!