Saturday, June 12, 2010

Easy week.

It was easy dinner week at our house. Tyler is officially in his last three weeks of class, and so a few nights a week I find myself husband-less. This usually tempts trips to fast food, but I've been pretty good about avoiding that. The following two are some of my favorite easy go-to's for dinners that are still super yummy:

Shallota Spaghetti:

Who knew the combination of caramelized shallots, garlic and pasta could make such a yummy dinner? It's great as the main course with a salad for vegetarian night, and can also make a super delish pasta side to a more hearty meal. Use whole wheat pasta, and don't be stingy with the shallots, the more the better in my opinion. And my kids love it too.

Nonna inspired Breakfast burritos:

*I don't know why this pic is so crooked. I also don't know why I photograph my own food.

Tyler's Mom, bless her soul forever, fed her sons better than any woman on earth. I have a lot to live up to. She makes a huge, huge batch of these, then arranges them into multiple burritos, packages them into big ziplocs, and freezes them. Each morning, for weeks, her son can grab a pre-assembled, frozen homemade burrito, pop it in the microwave and enjoy it's tasty yummi-ness. (I also have her to thank for Tyler refusing cheap deli meat for his sandwiches. :) )

Double/triple a batch like this, assemble your burritos and freeze them, and your hubby and kids can have breakfast (or lunch, or dinner for that matter) for weeks too.

You can modify it to make it as healthy as you want: whole wheat tortillas, egg whites, and turkey sausage are good substitutes for a more guilt free, nutritious breakfast. I also add avocado and fresh lime to mine (but don't add those if you're going to freeze them). Oh yeah, if you're also obsessively craving spicy foods like me - dump a lot of Chalula sauce all over the finished product.

You'll need:

*Cooked potatoes (optional - I just used leftover grilled potatoes we had from the night before and tossed them in)
*Can of diced green chiles
*Tortillas (we LOVE the homemade tortillas from Costco)

Toppings (optional):
*Grape tomatoes

Scramble sausage until well-cooked. Whisk egges with a little bit of milk, add green chiles, and scramble. Wrap in a warm tortilla, top with cheese and any other toppings of choice, and enjoy! Easy!

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Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Yum!! I will try both of them!

I have my mother in law to thank for my hubby not being able to eat anything from a can or box. She did homemade everything. He only eats if something is made for him as well as opposed to him making his own food....she was doing him a favor but not his future wife for sure.