Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Selecting shoes to wear to the pool...

Reaction to Mom's refusal to let her wear her black Mary Jane church shoes...enter tantrum.

In the corner....

"I not go schwimming in da wada!" anymore!

Now wait for it comes....

The memory capacity of a 2 year old...

Good to all her glory...
(When you have a belly and buns like that, they just belong ooozing out of a little bikini. I could seriously eat her.)

Enjoying Summer.
Or at least the few days of nice weather freakishly interspersed with Nevada's psychotic wind/cloud/rain storms. (Today is a bad weather day, so we'll be going to the library).

Such perfect days.

Wake up
Eat breakfast
Pack lunch
Head to pool
Return for nap-time
Wake up
Prepare dinner to Pandora's Glee Cast Radio
With the breeze coming through the window
carrying the scent of freshly cut grass
and barbecues lit throughout the neighborhood
Crickets at dusk

It doesn't get any better than this.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I prepare dinner to Pandoras Glee cast radio too!!!

I have buns like that too!!
I guess I should get a teeny tiny bikini. Your gonna love it!


Matt and Kendall said...

So cute Rachel! Your daughters are beautiful and they do the most adorable things!

Joan said...

Oh wow. That bathing suit is a crime on her squishiness! She is asking for her Auntie Joan to assault her! :)