Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For the record.

Just waiting for Tyler to walk in the door...about 20 minutes to go. Enjoying a little quiet too, consequence of putting the girls to bed early after our bedtime story debacle (fighting over what story to read, how to read it, who will hold the book, what page we will must pause on for 20 minutes, what pages to re-read 40 times, who sits on the right side of Mom, who sits on the left, who sits in her lap, whose blanket is whose, hair pulling, screaming, Mom calling abrupt end to storytime. Aaahhh, what a brilliant solution).

I'm always excited for him to get home, and was thinking I should really record the sweetest thing he did for me last know, so I'll have something to look back on and smile over when he gets a $350 speeding ticket while driving the California highways (hhmmm...cough...ahem...alreadyhappened...coughchoke).

Maybe it was my lack of makeup for two weeks, or the negative blog posts, or the fact that he had been hearing me using the words "motherhood" and "slavery" interchangeably during frequent phone conversations with my mother....whatever it must have been screaming: Dude, your wife is falling apart. Like freakin' out.

He arrived home from work last week just as I was fixing a gourmet meal of la grille cheese & ensalada (yes, you can use different languages to make your meals sound better, duh). We sat and ate as a family together, and as I was about to get up and proceed with the usual cleaning and bedtime routine, he said,

"I'll take care of all this. You have a bath waiting for you."


Yes...a candle lit bath. Just waiting, begging for me to join in. I bathed for almost two hours - TWO HOURS - soaking in the relaxation while reading magazines and listening to soft music (and don't worry, I carefully monitored bath temperatures, etc). Heaven I tell you. Heaven. So perfectly timed, I hadn't even realized how badly I needed something as simple as that. By golly, the man knows me better than I know me-own-self. Or can at least smell me better than I can smell meownself. I floated around peacefully with the smell of fresh soap and bubbles, trickling water over my baby belly, and for a luxurious amount of time was was allowed to just be with my baby. Dare I say it, for a millisecond I thought it was rather in all my naked fertile, nevermind...well, my baby was beautiful anyhow.

Tyler returned just as I had pulled myself from the intoxicating bliss and wrapped me in a warm bath robe. As if this wasn't enough, he gave me the world's most heavenly back massage with lotions and all. After which I gave him...just kidding.

That's none of your business.

What a team player, that boy. Love him so.

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Joan said...

He is a darling! A hot bath is enough to take anyone's cares away...I wish I had a tub worth lounging in :( poor me. haha.