Monday, June 21, 2010

From the mouth of babes.

"YeeLee did it." - London


This morning, Lily went about the usual morning routine and accompanied me into the bathroom while I finished getting ready and applying makeup. We're buds like that. It was early and she was still tired and sweet. We chatted softly and as I leaned in to begin applying my mascara, she gently rubbed the small of my back. Her hand moved south, and followed the outline my buttocks. She paused, furrowed her brow as her eyes locked in on the rotundas landscape, and with a voice of genuine concern remarked:

"Umm, Mom, I think the baby is growing in your butt."


Sarah Hansen said...

It is hard to keep track of all the funny things they say and do throughout the day:) I can't get over how cute and big they are getting;(;( Tell Lily our date is still on and I apologize for not returning her call...I guess I figured we had spoken after her 10 minute voicemail?!

Joan said...

Oh. My. WOW.
That is simultaneously painfully and perfectly hilarious. I could die laughing about it for days. In fact, Brandon's jaw dropped when I told him what Ms. Lily said :)