Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Sweet Life Presents:
Memorial Day Weekend

All the many animals

(including our children)

Last week we toured the Andelin Farm

and then headed to Cali for the weekend for cousin Amy's baby shower (in the most beautiful wine country ever).

We decided to make a fun weekend trip of the whole affair.

Got a smokin' deal on a nice hotel room

Swam in Uncle Roger & Aunt Mary's pool

Took the girls to the Sacramento Zoo

and Fairy Tale Town

And came to the conclusion that our children don't deserve us.

That's right.

Tyler and I.

We are unbelievable super duper outrageously awesome parents.

And as we sat over breakfast, after a previous full day of swimming in the pool, and just prior to heading to the Zoo, Lily and London decided to unleash all hellzabalooza.


chocolate milk.

Fighting over crayons.


Lily demanding dramatically that we just
"Go ahead! Leeb (leave) me here and go buy anoder good little girl!
I'll jus be an ORPHAN!"

Don't tempt me, child.

Any parent can relate to these experiences (or at least that's what I tell myself as I lie sobbing on a bathroom floor, wringing my hands in defeat and screaming to the heavens):
when reality and expectations confront each other in a bloody battle of wills.

Parent has the highest of hopes and a fun filled agenda.

Child suddenly decides to act like...

the poor, picked on, starved child...

the abused, abandoned, princess in a tutu...

Refusing to smile...how could she? Mom got her orange sherbet instead of an ice cream sandwich. What is there to smile about?

forced to share her cookies...

Pushed to the brink of exhaustion...child laborer...

Parents, you know what I'm talking about, right? Please, tell me...right?

Yep, that's right Lily and London. You have good parents. And maybe you don't deserve us. But we don't want to go buy any "udder good little girls".
We've looked, and we're sure we've still got the best.

The End.


Joan said...

I hear ya. Your girls are darn lucky to have two devoted parents who love each other...and them.
Try as we may--fits and tantrums are a part of the gig no matter what we do to avoid them.
And darn you for giving her an orange sherbet instead of an ice cream sandwich?! How could you!? :)

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Daron has said many a time:

"When your mother and I have given you so much and we plan these fun famiy outings, you guys RUIN everything by yelling, screaming, running away, and being ungratful!!!!"

Don't worry, you are not alone in being the best parents in the world :)!!!


Natalie in Sparks said...

Cute! Tons of animals that weekend! That was fun to have you guys over, and I am sure they had fun at the zoo too....even if they had tantrums and if London didn't smile in the pictures....
I have a picture of Kaleb crying at Disneyland, and under the picture in the scrapbook it says "the happiest place on earth!"

ALso, we went to the Monterrey bay aquarium a few years ago and Austin was going through a really emotionally dramatic stage at that time. He pouted and was negative the whole time. He pretty much ruined the experience and made me in a bad mood too. At one point he said "This is my worst day!" (on vacation at an amazing aquarium, mind you) My reply was "Well you are in for a really hard life if you think that being somewhere fun all day is your worst day!

Anyway, I think all parents have experienced bratty, ungrateful children at times, even at fun places, where you think they would be the MOST grateful!