Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shift 3.

Last shift in perspective.

I can't go more than 9 hours with that angry post lurking in the ether.

I love my girls. I'm sooo, sooooo thankful for them.

What can I say, I'm a multi-tasker: I can be eternally grateful and miserably exhausted at the same time.

Larissa caught Lily a horny-toad yesterday. Lily has been DYING for any type of lizard to call her own. After a day of it suffering in a plastic container, I asked Lily as we laid together to take a nap if we should let it go back to its family.

"Lu...I bet it misses its Mommy."

"No Mom, it IS a Mommy."

"Then don't you think her children want her to come home?"

She paused in deep thought with her pretty eyes. Her hand was holding onto mine. I love her hands. Little and completely rough and calloused from extreme play and hand-washing after anything remotely "sticky" touches them. She sighed,

"Yesh. We can let her go home."

I smiled in relief, so glad to hear that even after our very bad day she could easily agree that Mommies belong with their babies.

I know I do.


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