Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things worth remembering, a day uneventful.

*Lily roaming the house solo, talking out loud to her "fake" friends.

*Sunkissed, dried out swimmer's cheeks.

*Forrest in this awesomely doofy hat.

*Entering the pool area with the girls, where London walked straight to the edge, surveyed the handful of children playing in the pool and angrily commanded to them all (with a loud shriek), "Hey! Ged ouwt! Dis iss MY wadaa!"
(Get out! This is my water!)

*Finn. Finny boy. Finndoodle.
Had these photos sitting in my camera. What a face. We babysat him for a few hours last week. He was buckled in his carseat, all alone in the third seat of my car (the only place he'd fit) and as we drove he talked and gibbered in his raspy voice the entire way. I could just eat him whole.

*Rachel Ray magazine's current Jalapeno avocado bacon burger's recipe. Must try.

*Speaking of avocados, they're just not healthy when you smother two entire ones over a giant cheese quesadilla for dinner. Better wash that down with some Ben & Jerry's while I'm at it. I have no. idea. why Lily thinks a baby is growing in my hiney.

*London (just up from a nap), wrapping her pointer finger in the edge of her favorite blankee...her signature move. She always has to do this, it is so darn sweet.

*Band of Brothers - totally into it right now. Excited to curl up with Tyler and catch another episode. Perfect television to get me all sentimental and patriotic for the 4th.

*London being awarded her gumballs for pee-pee's in the potty.

*Lily exploiting the gumball incentive, and manipulating me with her batty eyes into giving her one for every time she goes to the bathroom as well. I think we're on number 8. Bad idea.

*I am happy.


Amy said...

I LOVE Band of Brothers. When I wasn't working it was the perfect procrastination tool for thesis writing. AND... it only gets better. Enjoy!

Shinae said...

is it just me or does the meat patty on that hamburger look a little LARGE?

Amy #2 said...

I'm glad you're happy. :) I am too. I'm back in Reno!! I'm sorry I didn't write sooner. It happened kind of fast, as is the Minor fashion. Can't wait to see you and the belly!
And I have some major Rae corner catching up to do!!!