Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

Lily excels in selective hearing. I can practically scream at the top of my lungs for her as she sits one room over, and she'll claim she didn't hear me. But when the chime of the ice cream truck rings 4 miles away?... she's already on the front lawn with her collection of coins...waiting.

The only problem is our ice cream man has been rather selective in what streets he patrols. Lily has anxiously waited, listening to the torturous tunes in the distance. She begs me to hop on our bikes and chase after him. I assure her that if she waits patiently, he will come. It's one part strategy and two parts utter laziness on a hot, sticky afternoon.
I failed to realize she would wait three. days.

Until at long last, for all the children on our quiet street - the bells finally rang loud and clear.



Sarah Hansen said...

When we are at Dan and Ali's she could here it from a mile away...but it didn't come so I am glad the Ice Cream man finally made it to LILY!!!

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

That is adorable!

The ice cream lady waits at our house until we come home from the store or emerge from our home. I'm getting broke.

Until the kids did a lemonade stand so they could earn their own money.


Alexis said...

Give me the license plate number of the IDIOT ice cream man that tortures my granddaughter with his "chime chime...I've got ice cream in the neighborhood...and I'll come by your street when I feel like it" attitude.
If he were a real true capitalist he would cruise every street, everyday with doughnuts in the morning and ice cream in the evening...shhhish - What is this world coming to?