Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sick days.

We've been cursed with the sickies these past couple of days. London came down with a fever early on in the week and last night Lily started with it too. And to add even more drama, Lily got her head stuck in one of our chairs the other evening before bed. Tyler was still traveling home from work, and I could not get her head out for the life of me. She was screaaaaming, sobbing, hyperventilating. London came running in and matched Lily with her own colossal freak out - she thought I was hurting Lily. So I had London shrieking and crying and hitting me from behind, and Lily about to pass out from sobbing, stuck in the chair. It was awful. I remained calm, quickly going through options in my head as I tried to get her out. Call 911, call Daniel and have him come down with a saw, rip apart the chair with my own mother bear adrenaline. I finally got her out by contorting and shimmying her whole body through the chair. London wouldn't forgive me for over an hour, even though Lily even tried to explain.

Poor girls. It's been a rough couple of days. And yet I kind of like the way they slow down and lie exhausted in my arms. Lily gets really sweet and chatty, with her flushed red face and glossy eyes. London just gets grumpy and I'm glad she's on the mend today. Whew.

I don't handle my children's illnesses well. It's all because I once heard of this horrible book about a couple who lost their beautiful little girl after a completely random fever one night. Just like that. Anytime my girls get a fever I can't help going back to that darn story...I've never even read the book but it still haunts me. So I hold my kids and worry and cry. I cry because I don't want them to ever get really sick, and I cry because I'm so sorry for those poor parents. I'll stay next to them and just hold on and pretend that I'm transferring all of my healthy energy to their bodies (which I sorta believe really happens, call me crazy - I think that's already been established). It's a big, fevery, emotional mess.

I can't wait for it to be over. Until then, lots of juice, popsicles, and movies. It's not all so bad.

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Amy said...

Nothing says "i'm on the mend" like a pink tutu.

When I put on my pink tutu I feel like a million bucks!

Hope everyone is 100% soon!