Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer eats.






And ...
my newest cookbook checked out from the library (the library is the best place for cookbooks)...

He's super simple, which is what I like about him. And the fabulous English accent. Did you watch his "Food Revolution" special? I loved him even more while watching, especially when he responded to the ultra-defensive radio D.J. berating him

DJ: "I don't want to eat damn lettuce all day!",

to which he replied in his uber cool cockney accent

"I'm not gonna cook ew' (you) a let-uss!"

Oh my heart, I just loved the way he referred to it as "a" lettuce.

Anyways, when you have the best and freshest ingredients (thank you summer), you don't need to get all fancy schmancy. So he's a perfect go to right now. Summer is the best time for simple salads and pastas, nothing too heavy or heated for my taste buds.
Tonight, with our pickings from the market, we had a slight variation on this (click on titles for recipes)...

1. Spaghetti with Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, Marjoram, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(I added some sauteed garlic chicken)

And I plan on giving this intriguing salad a try sometime this week, it sounds like a real dance on the palate - and a new spin on the same ol', same old:

2. Globe Artichoke, Pink Grapefruit, Frisee and Pecorino Salad

Ps...I totally had to google search for an online version of this recipe and stole this off of some guy's blog. But...if you follow the link, you'll find a tasty looking pizza recipe to go along side it. Thanks random blog dude.

Happy eating!


Anonymous said...

I know I can be a little prejudice but those girls are stinking cute!
Love, Nonna

Joan said...

I am a fan of almost ANY noodle dish. Especially when fresh tomatoes are involved :)