Monday, July 12, 2010

Take comfort.

While I'm on the topic of Miss Ellie, I should mention that I've also been littered with random moments of apprehension. Shaking up the status quo, altering the four-some manageability (Tyler - you take one, I'll take the other), and a summer finally spent lying poolside, literally lying there - as in no longer rescuing a drowning toddler every five seconds or breastfeeding an infant or swapping out swimmer diapers - has left a certain shortsighted slice of my persona feeling a bit nervous. I wonder if you ever stop being plagued with doubts of what will be versus what is. Us humans are rather silly folks. What's beyond the horizon is far greater than the pitily pastures we wallow in, and yet we'll too often allow ourselves to stand still and believe that this, this, must be as good as it gets.

But I'm lucky this time. I felt similarly when I just had my Lily. It felt almost evil - like some sort of maternal sacrilege - to imagine that I needed more. And yet I did.

I was pregnant with this little ball of sunshine...

This lovely, sticky face...

This nudie, tantrum throwing bandit...

Who serves as daily evidence that there was most definitely room for more.
She is our happy reminder that in just a few months from now, we will once again feel red-faced and baffled that we ever could have thought life was complete without our next little set of fabulous tan lines.

Love you Lundy-girl, oh so much.


Emily said...

Your girls are such cuties and I love all that you share about how much you love them. Thank you for hosting a wonderful playgroup and for sharing your amazing mother-in-law with us.

Alexis said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one that sits in front of the computer screen shrieking with delight over how adorable Lundy is!
Love Grandma-mom