Thursday, July 29, 2010

Think outside the lines.

Lily paused, looking up from her coloring, and asked with sad eyes:

"Mom, do I scrwibble?"

"No Lu! You color don't scribble."

"Jesse* said I scrwibble."

My heart instantly hurt a little. Lily takes her coloring very. seriously.

"Well you just tell Jesse that [you'll scribble her face if she ever talks like that to you again**] you are very creative. I think she was saying that because you are coloring outside the lines a little bit. But that's okay if you want to, we don't always have to stay inside the lines.
You are the best color-er I know."

And that's the truth.

*Name has been changed to protect the little varmit.
**Possible thought, but not really said. I save that kind of advice until they're 10.


Sarah Hansen said...

I love this blog. It makes me want to cry...just like we wanted to cry when she road her bike down the street with her new friends in her dorky helmet with her rosy red cheeks. She can't grown up and she most definitely won't be having anyone telling her how to color...can't wait for our girl date tomorrow:)

Natalie in Sparks said...

so funny! I think her coloring is gorgeous - I like how you took a picture of some of them!

I hope "Jesse" wasn't one of my kids!

Cindy Martinez said...

You are the best mom ever!!!
Your response was AWSOME!!!!!
In additon in that moment you gave little Lily.....

Self Confidence
Communication skills
Conflict Resolution Skills
The meaning of "Love your enemies"

and the list goes on!

:") Lov Ya! Cindy

PS - have you considered a career
in parenting education??? I
could hook you up!