Friday, July 9, 2010

Thoughts on Ellie.

That's what we plan on calling her. Eliot Jane.
But we'll call her Ellie, or Elle.
Elle Jane.
Ellie Jane.
Eliot Jane.

Eliot because I simply like the name. Jane, because it's a total English classic. Like the author, like England. Poetic and simple. Strong but not overstated. Timeless without being old-fashioned. At least in my opinion.

I feel a little weird releasing the name before she's born, like a bad jinx. Not to mention opening Pandora's box of opinions from every person whose ever known/loved/hated a person (boy or girl) named Eliot, all before they've seen our little bundle of perfection wrapped up tightly and elevating the title before they have time to protest.
But we've released the name of our pre-born babies with each of our girls, so why not Miss Ellie too? I've had more negative feedback on this name than I did with Lily or London. But I don't care. It fits. And Lily loves it so, and consequently every baby doll in the house is named Eliot.

Eliot Jane, we are so excited for you.

Today I fantasized about her a lot. Feeling her now regularly kick connects her to my daily doings, and I love the reminder. I can't wait to just smell her and her milky baby breath. It's better than the scent of a warm loaf of baking bread in the oven while snuggling in a newly washed blanket next to a freshly cut Christmas tree as a vanilla bean candle burns nearby - all at once... it's that good. I'll nuzzle my nose deep into the folds of her soft neck and listen to her rhythmic, newborn breath as her teensy belly rises and falls. With her little fingers curled into a tight fist, and itty bitty fingernails covered with mittens. Her groans and grunts as she stretches her baby back in an arch, with her small bum in the cutest mini mound. Sigh, what heaven.

I love how primal you get with your baby. How you just want to lick them all day, like a cat.
Happiness is the biggest open mouth kiss with your slobbery baby.
Or blowing rasberries on a fat belly with the accompanying baby belly giggle.

Larissa accompanied us to the pool this afternoon and I was given the rare opportunity to swim laps (you know, in an attempt to add some minor tone to my new double arms and buttcheeks). I could

when I'm pregnant. Nothing is more relaxing than the release of all the pressure as I paddle through cool water on a hot summer day. I came close to asking the pool director if they rented the pool out for water births. I figure if a kid can take a crap in a pool and they've found a remedy for that, then surely a placenta would require only an extra teaspoon or two of whatever disinfectant they have on hand.

I've also been beginning my mental nesting list. All the things that must be in order before Ellie makes her grand entrance. They include, but are not limited to:

1. Carpets cleaned.
2. Blinds cleaned.
3. Windows cleaned.
4. Baseboards cleaned.
5. Find both companies and the funding to do items 1-4.
6. Repaint, touch up all of Lily and London's artwork throughout the house.
7. While I'm at it, find a company to do that as well.
8. Re-do, re-assemble Lily and London's room.
9. Finally paint that unfinished blue corner in the office.
10. And fix the crooked blinds that broke in there as well.
11. And touch up paint the messed up corner of the playroom.
12. Buy new crib (old one is already too trashed).
13. Find a good hutch to refinish and convert into an awesome baby center.
14. Shop for next year's clothes at the sales - this time for THREE girls.
15. New carseats.
16. Make laundry room more functional, including a good shoe cubby system.
17. Clean out closets.
18. Box up season's clothing - create a closet system for two girls and a baby.
19. Reframe photos above our bed (that still only hold photos of Lily - how sad! We didn't even update them after Lundy!)
20. Enjoy my last bit of mostly uninterrupted sleep before a newborn once again enters the mix.

Whew!, what a list for a pregnant gal. And yet it keeps me nice and occupied, which is good...because in case you can't tell, I'm really, reaaally excited to finally meet her.


Amy said...

I like it!!!

I have a list too, but considering all our baby goodies are in the middle of the ocean right now between California and Europe... looks like we'll be waiting awhile. ::anxious::

Good luck tackling 1-20!

Amy DK said...

I loooooove it Rae. I'm not just saying that. I wouldn't comment if I didn't like it. It's original and I love the masculine/feminine combo. Love it. Can't wait to meet her.

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I really like her name you have chosen. I really do. It will be perfect.

Good luck with the list.


Alexis said...

I love the name Eliot - it was the name of my best friend...
Love E.T.

Not Really!!! I'm just being funny.
I have never understood why people think that when parents are naming their child that they are somehow asking others for their opinion of the name or approval? It goes like this:
Pregnant woman is asked by family or friends:
"What are you going to name the baby?"
Pregnant woman answers:
"yada yada".
Obnoxious family & friends say: "oh, really?"
"That is different"(which is code for I hate it).
"Oh, that is cute"
"You're kidding, kids are going to tease him/her".
When we are asked what we are naming our children we are giving the answer to the question...we are not asking for opinions about it!!!
Go Rachel & Tyler...
Lily, London, Eliot and your future babies named Crepe and LaLeche will be loved just the same:>