Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three things to love.

1. Children out of the house at a friend's + two piano lessons cancellations = one hour to sit on the couch and devour an entire bag of Twizzlers Cherry Nibs and chips and salsa and watch trashy T.V.....alone.

"Doc, I swear, I have no idea how I've gained another 10 pounds in three weeks"...slow pregnancy metabolism I guess.

2. You want an easy dinner?
Well I'll give ya an easy dinner.

Best summer meal ever.

Marinate chicken breasts in a hefty dose of Pesto (I like Costco's brand the best - don't bother messing up your food processor). I buy the big bag of frozen breasts at Costco, then take out a few and thaw in big ziploc bags covered in the pesto.
Slice up a ton of veggies, any choice you like (I went for zucchini, roasted red bell peppers, red onion, squash, and potatoes).

Throw the chicken and veggies all together on a big foil sheet.

Add another dollup of pesto. Get crazy with a little minced garlic and salt & pep.
Wrap up.
Toss on the grill for around 30 minutes on medium-low heat (or until your chicken tests done).
So yummy.
No dishes.
You're welcome.

Ps...You know, you could switch out the pesto for teriyaki sauce - add a few slices of pineapple to the mix, and have a gen-u-ine foil covered luau. Sorry, I can't be stopped...the ideas just keep rollin'.

3. New blog to check out. Just discovered this one, and of the millions that you come across, it's always neat to have one that you find yourself returning to. Be prepared to feel woefully inadequate, and yet surprisingly inspired by this Momma's amazingly awesome sewing creations (scroll down until you find the skirt made of old lace trimmings. Seriously. To die for. You'll want to shoot her for how she fits in it too. I'm jus sayin'.)
Her blog also assured my heart that I can indeed have five daughters if the fates so deem it. Their names are so fitting. Darling.

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Sarah Hansen said...

I am putting all of these ingredients onto my WinCo shopping list...no crumb either so I should be ok ;)

Amy DK said...

First of all I am going to do the chicken teriyaki and pineapple one tonight so thank you for that and secondly - OMG! That blog and those kids are precious. Will definitely be following that now.

Alexis said...

Three things I love:
1. That Rachel is finally over her pregnancy puking, more puking, more puking phase - and can finally enjoy food!
2. That Rachel & Tyler (and Heavenly Father) are giving us another wonderful grandbaby.
3. That Rachel blogs
Love MOM