Monday, August 23, 2010

Family vacation: You do like pictures, don't you?

Ahh, vacation...

A glorious term...

All about rest and relaxation.

Spending time with good, Funny people....

Sandy bums.

White, nutrient starved breads
and the normally forbidden Cookie Crisp cereal
and grilled pizzas.

And a new favorite breakfast spot...

And Freeeeedom!

And Sisters...

And a serious case of the sillies...

Reading and...
Hubba Hubbbba Who's that?!!

{Oh yes, that would be my incredibly edible hunk of hotness specimen of utter manly perfection HUSBAND. Celebrated six years this last Friday. Cha-ching bada-bing.}

Swimming and sleeping.

Whale watching.

{Oh stop it.}

Miniature golf and Log Cabin Ice-cream.

Barbecues and...

Amazing views.

And seeing the world through the best lenses.



We all need more of them. So grateful for ours.
Sad to see it go, but ready for real life when all is said and done.
Autumn is approaching (too quickly)...the wind ushering out the standstill heat, and the sun fading into a golden tint. I can feel it.
So we said our goodbyes, until next year.


A MASSIVE shout out is owe'd to Aunt Betty for the generous use of her better-than-a-dream house, and to Nonna/Papa Don/Uncle Alex for taking care of the girls for a couple of days so Tyler and I could steal some time for ourselves.
Boy, it takes a village, doesn't it? And we have a great one.
Thank you so much!


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I hope grilled pizza is not normally forbidden because that looks amazing!

Also amazing-your hair!

I saw Nonna and the girlies at Costco. How fun- and you are so luck to have a village-any village at all.


Joan said...

YAY! A new post :)
Tyler looks super hot and trim/cut. I'm allowed to say that, right? haha.
You look a lot like me, my dear: round and pregnant and lovely. I know this is braggy but I think we pull off pregnancy well :)
I am SO dying to see you. Can't wait!

Nae said...

Oh Tahoe..... I die for that place.

Glad I got to spend a day up there with you and the girlies...

Favorite memory from the day:

You telling Lily that the woman sitting next to us is mean and doesn't like babies. Lily asking (quite loudly) every time she walked by the lady, "Her Mom?! This lady here with the hat??? Is she the one who is mean to babies?!"

Classic. :)

Miss you guys!

Amy said...

Wow, looks like you guys had a great time and I know it was well deserved.

Plus there's no better excuse to break out your hot pink bikinis of course!!

And Rachel... you look BEAUTIFUL!! My goodness.



Larissa said...

hey rae love the pictures oh yea and i bet lily and london kicked your butt at mini golf ha ha

love rissa